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Forget a new you, you need more you

New Year, New You (barf)

It's only a few days into 2021 but are you already sick of people touting their "New Year, New You" nonsense? I know I am!

Here's a newsflash: the world isn't asking you to change when the calendar does. In fact, you don't need to change. At. All. What the world really needs is for you to simply be MORE you.

You, Only More You

Could 2021 finally be the year that you lean all the way into who you are and take your message and your career to the next level?

Wouldn't it be great if your content sounded like you and attracted the right clients and customers, while repelling the wrong ones? It sounds so simple. Because it is. Most of us have been conditioned to put on some corporate or "professional" mask in order to be accepted in the workplace. This is a myth. Just like we NEVER EVER use two spaces after a period anymore, we don't have to fit some mold and pretend to be who we think the world wants us to be. (Bring it on double spacers.)

Free to Be You and You

Even while the weight-loss industry comes at us full throttle on January 1, this myth that you need to hide who you are in the workplace is simply a matter of marketing.

If everyone was able to be themselves, no one would be insecure.

Meaning no one would need to buy things to feel better about themselves or to fit in.

Meaning these companies would lose money.

It's as simple as that. You being more you scares them more than it should scare you. Because you being you = freedom! (RIP George Michael)

Freedom to speak your mind.

Freedom to work with like-minded people.

Freedom to attract the people you truly want to serve.

Freedom to repel the people you don't want to serve.

Freedom to enjoy what you do.

Does anything sound better than that? (Maybe some velvety Cabernet, but I digress.)

I'm Not Just the Founder, I'm a Client

How do I know the world needs more you? How do I know you will flourish in your career and business if you lean into who you are? How do I know that by niching down to be yourself you will actually expand who you attract?

Because I was you!

A few years ago I was just a freelance copywriter. I had a slate of clients but no direction and no purpose. I was simply an order-taker, working with whoever would hire me. I was afraid to be too me. After all, I did that in the corporate world and it hurt my career (mind you this was over a decade ago — things have changed). So why would that help me now?

Fast-forward to fully embracing my personality (wine, weight-lifting, curse-words, oh, my!) and putting that sh&% front and center, and viola, I made my own very first Personality Brand.

What, Like it's Hard?

Ok, so it's not easy. And it sounds scary, but trust me when I tell you that me being more me allowed my business to have its best year ever...during a global pandemic. I was able to hire other solopreneurs, brought on a virtual assistant, hire a bookkeeper and a financial advisor and collaborate with countless others. In total, I brought on over 20 new clients in 2020 and increased revenue by 25%.

Don't mistake this for bragging (well, maybe just a wee bit). I'm super grateful, but I also know that I had the right message and tools in place when they were most needed.

I created an ecosystem around me that not only attracted clients, it comforted them.

They KNEW what they were getting when they worked with me.

There were no surprises and no punches pulled.

They got exactly the Danielle they saw on the page.

Think about how refreshing that is in a world of fake news, photo filters and faux influencers.

Tell Fear to Eff Off

Wouldn't it be great to shake off the shackles of genericness and put on a glittering rainbow tiara of authenticity? (Can you tell I just started watching RuPaul's Drag Race?)

I promise that if you embrace who you are, you will never look back (except to watch the haters in the rearview mirror).

Who's with me?


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