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I never thought of...

Picture this: we're on the call for my How to Create a Kick-Ass Bio Workshop the other night and everyone is sharing their story.

Their story of something from their childhood, something they love to do, a passion, hobby etc.

Then they're talking about what makes them different in their careers.

What their clients say about them.

Suddenly, a lightbulb.

I know what's coming because this happens EVERY time I work with someone on their bio.

The realization that something important to them (or shaped them) is the very thing that their clients get/experience/appreciate.

And that moment when they say "I never thought of putting those things together."


Recognize your story

In this case, it was a portrait photographer who shared that growing up her parents always told her stories before bed, often repeating the same ones over and over.

She mentioned how what differentiates her from other photographers is helping families tell their stories and creating those moments and memories that they'll want to repeat over and over again to their children.

And it wasn't until she said it out loud that she made the connection and said those fateful words.


We all have something inside us

It sounds so obvious and yet, almost every person I've worked with says the same thing — it's so easy to see what's unique about someone else but almost impossible to see it for ourselves.

You could chalk it up to just being hard on yourself or you could say perhaps you've just never spent time connecting the dots.

You rolled from one career or role to another, absorbing titles and job descriptions that weren't written for you or with you in mind.

They were written for a set of tasks and needs, not for a defined flesh and blood human. And not for the human who occupied the role or will occupy it.

And even if you have your own business, you probably picked a title you thought people expected vs. what you wanted or even think describes you.

You picked the default.

It's no wonder you haven't thought of putting your story together.

But it's not too late.


The Neverending Story

You don't need a flying dog to have a story that keeps building on itself.

You just need someone who can help you share it with the world.

Someone who can help you recognize how your story is integral to your job.

Someone who can help you see what's unique about you and help you showcase that to your audience.

And I know just the person...


Speaking of stories...

Jurist Print and Influence Graphics were two print shops in LIC that merged. Both had long histories and their respective websites reflected that, but not the quality of their work or their extremely modern printing aesthetic or capabilities. I loved working on this project and the months-long redesign and rebrand resulted in this stunning look and feel, with elevated content and design that now showcases them as the leaders they are.


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