New Year, More You In 2 (Weeks)! #2

It's Day 2!

(missed Day 1? You can find it here.)

You made it! Or maybe you didn't. Remember this is your challenge, so if you missed yesterday, you can always go back and do it later. Or not at all. Isn't freedom amazing? (and as my mother always said, you're only hurting yourself)

Anyway, today's lesson is all about writing how we speak. Most people, or most Americans, no longer speak formally to each other. Our language has evolved so much over time to cut to the chase. We don't have time to worry about formality. We've got places to go and sh$t to do. This is why when we speak, most of us use...contractions!

Contractions get that action

If you go back and read anything I wrote above, you'll notice that I don't write out words that can be shortened. Because we don't speak like this. We don't say "you will notice that I do not..." It's awkward. And stuffy. And not friendly at all.

Gone are the days when writing out words meant intelligence or status. Now, we all speak relatively the same way. And, if you write content where you are always writing out words that could be shorter, you are going to sound overly formal and not friendly (like I just did there).

It's not always glaringly obvious, but the more you get into the habit of embracing the contraction, the more your content will sound like how you speak.

This brings us back to Day 1, where I talked about having a conversation WITH your audience, rather than talking AT them.

Go introduce yourself

For challenge #2, all you're going to do is change any words in your bio that are written out into contractions. No more I am, do not, cannot, or you are. Embrace I'm, don't, can't, you're and all the other shortened beauties that might appear as you write. If it's long, it must be gone.

That's it.

Easy peasy.

See you tomorrow.

And if your bio already uses contractions...