New Year, More You...In 2 (Weeks)! #6

It's Day 6!

(missed Day 5? You can find it here.)

Coming in hot with Bon Jovi

I don't even really like the music of Bon Jovi (I do, however, like the man, Bon Jovi) but it was a fitting intro to this week. Because...we're halfway there people. Look at you! They said you'd never last. You showed them. Anyway, today we're going to go from generic to great, or at least less generic.

Release the generic


Veteran. Seasoned. Experienced.

These words mean nothing! If you're in fact a military Veteran, by all means, please put that in your bio. You've earned it.

Everyone else, nope.

Seasoning is for chicken cutlets, not people. You aren't seasoned. Unless you're paprika and you just haven't told anyone yet.

And everyone is experienced. My son has been working at TGIFriday's for two months. He's now an experienced greeter. Experience is relative and a useless term to describe your expertise.

In other words, these generic terms that Every. Single. Person. On. The. Planet. uses, do nothing to distinguish you from anyone else. They're useless filler words that take up space where meaningful words should be. You deserve to talk about yourself better. Potential employers and customers deserve to read a better description of you. You've done more than what these words suggest.

Be uniquely you

For challenge #6, I want you to remove any of these generic terms in your bio. And there are more than what I listed above. You'll know them when you see them.

You can remove them and see if that does the trick, or for bonus points, you can try and replace them with something else. It doesn't need to be a word for word swap. But instead of seasoned, which speaks to your length of work experience, can you try a phrase that suggests the same thing but in a more creative way? For example, "my knowledge of XX industry runs deep. I have seen A, B, and C over the course of my tenure..." or "people often say I have an encyclopedic knowledge of XX. Perhaps because I got my feet wet in this industry and now I'm pretty much drenched." You get the idea. Be creative! You can do it. I promise!

That's it.

Easy peasy.

See you tomorrow.

And if you've already released the generic...