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Possibly the only article on A.I. I'll ever write (so you should read it)


Why are we all excited for something fake?

Let's talk about Artificial Intelligence. The word artificial means fake. Or not real. So...why is the concept of not real intelligence the latest craze? Why are we all so excited to use technology that simulates inauthentic interaction?

I get the appeal. Americans LOVE a shortcut. We always want to take the easy way out.

Get rich quick.

Play the lottery.

Cram for a test.

Everything is done with the goal of getting something we didn't actually achieve.

Or try that hard to achieve.

We want efficiency. We want it now...or yesterday.


Never do more than you have to

This is my workout mantra. Never work harder than you have to in order to achieve the result you desire.

It doesn't mean don't work hard.

It doesn't mean don't sweat and don't breathe heavy.

It means only do what's needed to see results, feel good and get the stimulus the workout is designed for.

Doing more than you need will actually counteract that.

And make you miserable.

And maybe sore.

And possibly hurt.

So, when it comes to our content, we want to do the same.

We don't want to spend hours and hours on something that should take less.

We don't want to struggle to create something that connects.

It should feel good.

Maybe not easy, but good.

We want the right stimulus for our audience. Just enough.


We don't need artificial intelligence

When something is artificial it certainly won't stimulate our audience in the right way.

They don't want fake.

They want real.

Real connection.

Real understanding.

Real learning.

Real help.

So while all these tools are making it easier for people to do things quickly, are they actually making it easier for people to achieve the desired stimulus of connection and engagement and action?

Shortcuts are never the path to connection and you always regret taking one — because as anyone who's followed their GPS knows — it often takes longer for the shortcut than if you just stuck to your original route. (And you're often saying, "where the Hell am I?")


Let's redefine A.I. for what we need

Instead of focusing our energy and effort on Artificial Intelligence, we should be focusing on Authentic Interaction.

This is what audiences want.

This is what we all want!

In a world of finstas and filters, people are desperate for authentic interaction.

Just look at any recent employee engagement survey or article. Connection with colleagues and work friends is #1 on almost every one in terms of impact on employee wellbeing and productivity.

AI isn't going to help us connect more with teammates or customers. It might make it faster, but since when has speed led to quality or longevity?

Maybe if we stopped looking for that quick fix we'd have more real genuine connection.

Maybe if we slowed down and took the time to get to know what our audience wanted we'd have customers for life.

Customers who talk about us to their friends.

Who love us and are diehards for what we have to say and what we offer.

Artificial Intelligence isn't going to create rabid fans.

It will just make people rabid.

The only way to build real Authentic Interaction is by being human and being consistent.

If you want to bring more connection to your workplace, reply to this newsletter and I can share more detail around my Employee Branding Workshops.

And, if you want to bring more connection to your brand, keep reading...


What lights you up?

So much of the concept behind Personality Brand is about sharing things that you love. The hobbies and passions that light you up and get you excited to share them and talk about them with a stranger.

In this conversation with Ilise Benun, we get into why this matters and how our soon-to-be-released Profit from your Personality Bundle of Bundles with Lisa Mullis, is going to help you do this in all the places you communicate with your clients, customers and audience. Stay tuned for more on that. But for now, as Ilise says, listen and learn...


Are you ready to market like a bad ass?

A podcast name so good I wish it was mine! But it belongs to the talented Kristin McFarland of Source Marketing Group, a Cannabis and Craft Beer Marketing Agency in Colorado. Kristin attended one of my presentations and reached out to be on her podcast and hopefully collaborate. She shares how after hearing me talk about putting more of yourself into your messaging, she put out a post that garnered 2300 impressions vs. her usual 200. And of course we dig into how this helps you better connect with the right people. Give it a listen.


Speaking of bad ass...

Do you struggle with...

  • Writing and speaking about yourself?

  • Leaning into who you are?

  • Creating content and messaging that positions you and your services distinctly so you stand out from the crowd?

  • Having your brand materials represent who you are, cut through the clutter, and have a cohesive look?

Then, this 90-minute, action-packed workshop is for you!

After this workshop, you’ll walk away with...

  • An understanding of how to highlight your unique personality in a genuine and relatable way.

  • How to show up in your brand materials that connect with your audience.

  • Tangible ways to remove jargon and highlight what makes you awesome.

  • Tips on colors, fonts, and questions to go to your designer for logo/brand development.

Spots are limited for in person and I have a certain number to give out, so if you want to join us, register now.



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