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You're a genius. Here's why...

What if I told you you're a genius?

So two weeks ago I told you that you were an expert and now I'm saying you're a genius. This isn't me laying on the flattery, I promise. I don't care if you're a business owner, employee, entrepreneur, freelancer or solopreneur, at some point in your career you've needed help.



A leg up.

Whatever you want to call it.

We all do. And here's the thing: asking for help doesn't mean you aren't smart, it means you're a genius.


Real genius

We don't need Val Kilmer or a house full of popcorn to know that when you realize what you don't know when you seek out the wisdom of people who've come before you, or are doing something you want to be doing, that curiosity leads to learning.

It leads to growing.


When you understand that asking others for something you either don't have time for, don't have the skill set for, don't want to learn or just will never do it as good as them, you're actually being very smart! After all, why would you spend hours, days, weeks, months spinning your wheels or procrastinating when you can simply get the help you need and get this done already!

And done well.

Like, really well!


Help is a superpower

Too many people struggle because they've got it in their heads that they SHOULD do x, y and z. They SHOULD be good at this. They SHOULD be able to simply bang this out. After all, they're smart and capable, so why SHOULD they need someone else to do it for them?

Spoiler alert: the smarter you are, the more likely you are to ask for help, to outsource, to hire people who can do something better, faster and easier than you.

When you realize that wasting your time on something isn't actually smart and that hiring someone else is the smart decision, well, that makes you a genius. And don't you want to be a genius? I'll make it easy for you...


A genius way to nail your bio

When your message sounds like you, you perform better, you have more confidence, you attract more of the right people and you understand what you're good at and how to advocate for yourself.

This isn't magic, it's by design. And it happens to be amazingly transformative and freeing when your message is completely aligned with who you are.

The doors are officially open to the last workshop of 2022. You give me 4 hours and I'll give you a Personality Brand! There are only 8 slots available, so sign up today!


Check out this facelift

So proud of this complete transformation for Scott Olson and his incredible training program First Promotion Transition, specifically designed for new managers.

Incredible copy from Jana Moore and web design from Gina Oliver made this project a dream to work on and deliver something as impactful as the program itself.

But don't take my word for it, "I’m thrilled with the process and the result!" - Scott Olson.

Check it out! And if you know anyone or an organization who could use help with their First Promotion Transition, don't hesitate to reach out to Scott.


Where my chocoholics at?

Hot off the presses, or the conveyer belt, meet Hazel Armstrong's California Confections. This was such a fun project to work on because I got to help shape the brand voice and tone, paying homage to a family legacy, while also helping to establish a new brand for the future. Pam was a delight to work with and having exceptional design done by The Graphic Element made rounding out this delicious website and packaging a real treat.


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