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New Year, More You in 2 (Weeks)!

( a challenge for people who don't like challenges)


Give the world what they want, more you in 2023!

Isn't it exhausting? Spending hours, days and weeks working on your bio and it STILL sounds stiff and absolutely nothing like you.  

You're fun! You're amazing. You have a sparkling personality. 

So why doesn't that show in your messaging.
Why is your bio generic and formal?
Why does it seem like everyone else can write about themselves with ease? There must be a secret!

There is. Sort of.
Ok, it's not really a secret, but there are some small things you can do to tweak your bio that will have a dramatic effect on how it sounds.


2 Weeks of In-box Goodness

Here's the deal about challenges. Most of us sign up for them and never finish them. They're too damn long, not tactical and often too hard to even implement. Ain't no one got time for that!  


This 2-week challenge is for you if you:

  • Can spare less than five minutes a day 


  • Struggle to put words on the page that aren’t stiff or sound like you

  • Want to sound not just human, but authentic, genuine and distinct

  • Are looking for truly easy steps you can take to transform your bio that actually work


  • Want to start the new year with more you

Ready to bring more you into 2023 in 2 (weeks)?
When I say small, I mean small. This is a challenge for people who don't do challenges. Or people who say they do challenges but never actually do them. Or people who wish they were the type of people to do a challenge but like, it's always just so hard. Or long. Or pointless. For all those people, this is YOUR challenge. 

Did I mention it's only 2 weeks?
I  just want everyone to love their bio and feel that it truly represents exactly who they are. So I made this easy, simple and of course, fun! 

"Danielle's gift is to bring personality to the page and she has an amazing ability to make any subject witty, accessible and fun."

- Madeline S.

What You Get:

  A short email with a tip or video from me every day for two weeks (we'll take the weekends off, because, well, life) 

  One small takeaway per email that you can implement in minutes (really, minutes)

  Short, actionable tips that are easy to follow, make sense and actually help

  A chance to look at your bio with fresh eyes, a fresh perspective and make it actually sound like you

No long-term commitment

Or any commitment. Want to implement one tip? Great. Want to implement 5? Even better. This challenge is whatever you want to make of it. I won't be looking over your shoulder, although if you want to share your before and after bio with me, I'd love to see it.


You can do anything for 10 days (or at least one)

  • Create a message and positioning that helps you stand out from the crowd

  • Infuse your brand with personality and flair

  • Never hold yourself back again from being truly you 

Give me 2 weeks and I'll give you the first steps for creating your Personality Brand.

PLUS: You'll also get my Personality Brand Bio Checklist as a special bonus.

“After using Danielle's materials and tips, I not only updated my About page and LinkedIn profile, I also started writing with more honesty and integrity than ever before, and with a much greater level of comfort.”

- Erica S., CMO2Go

About Danielle and More Than Words Marketing

Danielle (hey, that's me!) has been called a wordsmith, a magician, a copywriter extraordinaire, a lifesaver and a badass. Four of those are accurate. Eh, who am I kidding, they're all accurate. I help people and organizations to develop their Genuine Personality Brand, creating content that sounds like you so you can attract the right audience and repel the wrong one.


I'm a renowned and sought-after speaker and I'm proud to work with clients such as: PwC, Discovery Channel, TD Bank, eBay, Gap, Visa, Google, Catalyst, SEO and the Jed Foundation.

And while I can’t pull a rabbit out of my hat, I can hone your brand message, engage your audience and deadlift you or your employees, but not at the same time. That’s just irresponsible. 

(note: I'm available for office party tricks and accept payment in bottles of Bordeaux.)

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