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I never thought I’d have a business around helping people be themselves, but somehow I do. I love working with entrepreneurs, employees and business owners to understand the power of personality. And lucky for you, I do presentations and workshops on this very thing. Take a look…

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Bring personality to your office or event

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And here’s a quick example of personality on display

Large Scale Presentations
Large Scale Presentations

Want to bring Personality Brand to a large group or perhaps reach multiple timezones? I can accommodate talks to hundreds of attendees in person or virtually.

Small Group Workshops
Small Group Workshops

When feedback matters, these small group workshops are a great way to ensure attendees get one on one support to hone their message. Perfect for 15 people or less. 


Praise for Personality Brand

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“The silver-tongued Danielle Hughes introduced Personality Brand to the Creatives Roundtable members. Presented with her wry wit, she and the materials were engaging and sparked ongoing conversations within our community. We would welcome her back any time.”

- Nancy Ruzow, Group Leader, Creatives Roundtable 

About Danielle

I’m a sought after speaker and trainer who’s helped hundreds of people learn how to create their Personality Brand. From large presentations to intimate workshops to virtual trainings, I love seeing people transform from who they think they should be to who they really are. Find out more about me and how I can speak at your event or organization to help your audience create their Personality Brand to gain confidence and drive sales. 


Bring personality to your office or event