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Nothing falls into your lap

The world needs more Engaging Ideas. Luckily I happened to record a conversation recently that was chock full of them. Listen to my recent podcast with Tony Kopetchny of ParsonsTKO. And if you're a nonprofit, this conversation will be especially relevant.


It just fell into my lap

This was uttered recently by two people on one of my coaching calls and, well, it made me insane. Of course, they were both talking about projects or jobs. As if the job fairy came around and just dropped a big juicy assignment in their laps like the stork drops babies. Projects DON'T just fall into your lap. Things that DO fall into your lap:

  • Twigs or leaves

  • Crumbs or food

  • Hair from your head

  • Bird poop (if it misses your head)

  • A fly ball

  • An earring

  • A popped or broken button

You know what doesn't? Work. Because if you've been marketing your business, if you've been networking and building relationships, if you've put out reliable content and quality work for years, "falling into your lap" isn't a thing.

That's called Your Marketing is Working.


It's by design

The whole point of marketing is to get noticed.

When you get noticed, you have people coming to you.

You get referrals.

You get introductions.

No one "comes out of the blue" with a project.

They've been following you, hearing about you or were told about you from someone who trusts you.

Who respects you.

Who can vouch that you're their ideal person.

That you're uniquely qualified to help them.

It's literally by design!

Otherwise, why bother marketing yourself? (can you tell I'm fired up?!)

Like, why even bother?

There's no other reason to put yourself, your message and your services out there if you don't want to get more work, clients or customers.

This is why you do that!

This is why you post on social.

Or have a newsletter.

Or send emails.

Or showcase your work in case studies.

Or tell your boss about the goals and success metrics you hit.

Promoting yourself and your business is what makes work come to you.

And, if it seems like work is falling into your lap, then you're doing something right.

Just remember, you need to keep doing it.


This podcast convo didn't fall into my lap

Several years ago fate intervened and I was referred to digital agency ParsonsTKO for a copywriting job. (And by fate, I mean I had worked my ass off and delivered good work and people were noticing.)

At the time I was a freelance copywriter and I ended up working on several projects with them. That then blossomed into a professional relationship turned friendship with one of the founders, Tony Kopetchny. I was honored to sit down with Tony for his Engaging Ideas podcast to talk about Personality Brand, not just for founders but for employees and their organizations. If you're a nonprofit or mission driven organization, you're going to want to pay special attention to this one.


Have you built your list yet?

You know what definitely doesn't fall into your lap? Your audience. Luckily, it's not too late to register for the List-Building Secrets Virtual Summit and get access to all the recordings from coaches, consultants, designers, marketers, speakers and more. It's completely free to register and each session is 25 minutes or less...because you're busy! But the summit ends on September 7th, so don't delay!


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