How to Write a Kick-Ass About Page

(that's actually about you, not who you think you should be)

Veteran. Seasoned. Experienced. Savvy. 

If any of these are in the first sentence of your website's About page or your LinkedIn profile, congratulations, you're generic. 

People want to know WHO you are first, and WHAT you do second.

Now, more than ever, you need to stand out and be more you. Clients, employers and audiences want to know what makes you different and they're desperate to find connection, confidence and clarity.

Learn how to craft a clear and compelling profile that gets you noticed for all the right reasons.
Workshop takes place 9/29 and 10/6, 1-3pm EST

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Standing Out is the New Fitting In

The more you lean into who you are, the more you’ll connect with people like you. If you have a resume or LinkedIn bio that looks and feels like everyone else’s, how will you get the attention of recruiters? If you have an about page that reads like everyone else’s, how will you be memorable?

This 2-week workshop is for you if you:

  • Struggle to put words on the page that aren’t stiff or sound like you

  • Want to attract the right people for the right reasons

  • Want to stand out but not feel like you shared too much 

If you want your brand positioning, your personality and your message to be relatable and resonate, How to Write a Kick-Ass About Page is for you.

“Danielle's workshop helped me develop my personality brand in order to revise my resume. Within 3 weeks of working with her I had a 6-figure job offer during a pandemic!”

Stephanie, Head of HR

What You Get:

  Over 2 weeks, we’ll meet live as a small group for 2-hour working sessions so you can refine your LinkedIn bio or About page and create content that sounds like you. ($1000 value)

  We spend week 1 workshopping your brand so you’re clear on who you are and how to position yourself. 

  In week 2, we 'll add that much-needed sprinkle of personality to help you sound like you and stand out from the crowd. 

  You’ll get hands-on support and guidance from me during the sessions and in between, plus a small cohort so you have everything you need to create a Personality Brand that makes you human, relatable and authentically you. ($500 value)

  You’ll also get dedicated time in the hot seat each week so you can workshop your content and get real-time feedback from me and people outside your industry. ($300 value)

“After working with Danielle, I not only updated my About page and LinkedIn profile, I also started writing with more honesty and integrity than ever before, and with a much greater level of comfort.”

Erica, CMO2Go

But Wait, There’s More!

  • Use your About page or LinkedIn bio to vet prospects and attract only the right people

  • Create a message and positioning that helps you stand out from the crowd

  • Infuse your brand with personality and flair

  • Never hold yourself back again from being truly you 

Give me 2 weeks and I'll give you a Personality Brand.

This workshop is valued at $1800, but I'm offering it for just $299

Tickets are on sale now. Space is limited! 

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How to Write a Kick-Ass About Page starts on September 29th

“Danielle exceeded my expectations. Working with her was not only fun and easy, the end result amazed me. When reading her copy it was as if I was thinking out loud, just in an elevated (and coordinated) way.” 

Anne Blumrich, Founder, Salt & Caramel Designs

About Danielle and More Than Words Marketing

Danielle (hey, that's me!) has been called a wordsmith, a magician, a copywriter extraordinaire, a lifesaver and a badass. Four of those are accurate. Eh, who is she kidding, they're all accurate. Danielle helps people and the brands that target them to develop their Genuine Personality Brand, creating content that sounds like you and giving you the space to truly be yourself in your messaging.


Danielle is a renowned and sought-after speaker and is proud to work with clients such as: Discovery Channel, TD Bank, eBay, Gap, Visa, Google, Catalyst, SEO and JDRF.

And while she can’t pull a rabbit out of her hat, she can hone your brand message, engage your audience and deadlift you or your employees, but not at the same time. That’s just irresponsible. 

(note: Danielle is available for office party tricks and accepts payment in bottles of Bordeaux.)