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"Personality Lite" Bundle (complete micro-course)
  • "Personality Lite" Bundle (complete micro-course)

    If you're constantly asking yourself, "Why doesn't my copy sound like me?"; if you know your message and bio sound generic; if you struggle to attract the right clients but aren’t sure’re in the right place.


    This product is for you if:

    • You want to differentiate yourself from your competitors
    • You're not clear on your message or your audience
    • Your bio is generic and blah
    • You want to land more clients or customers and charge them more money
    • You know there's a personality brand buried inside you that's waiting to get out 


    Here's what you get:

    • Create Your Brand Positioning worksheet + How-to video ($99 value)
    • About Me Mad Libs + How-to video ($149 value) 
    • PLUS - Bonus video to use them together to create your own personality-driven brand positioning and About page/LinkedIn bio ($99 value)
    • PLUS PLUS - Personality Brand Bio Checklist with 10 things you can do to add personality to your bio ($29 value)


    No waiting. No delays.

    The course and the digital PDF's are delivered instantly to your in-box. Yay for instant gratification!


    Each video includes specific instructions on how to fill out the materials and how to use them to infuse your message with personality. (All the cool kids are doing it!)


    I've even included before and after examples to show you the true power of personality (in case you need more convincing, which you won't). 


    Just to recap. You get:

    • My top two requested and used downloadables that are trusted and verified by audiences everywhere
    • Instructions and guidance on how to create a positioning statement that speaks directly to your target audience and details exactly what you can do for them that no one else can
    • Instructions and guidance on how to create an about page or bio that separates you from the crowd and sizzles and sparkles with personality 
    • Bonus checklist to make sure you've done everything you can to put that personality where it belongs (everywhere!)


    Quick FAQ:

    How long are the videos and how long will it take to complete the materials? 

    Each video is approximately 10-25 minutes long. I recommend spending as much time as needed to complete the materials. The goal is to create a thoughtful message that feels authentic to you. There's no right or wrong amount of time. Remember, you can pause or rewind the video at any time.


    What if I'm just starting out or don't have a website?

    This bundle is perfect for anyone who wants help with their message no matter where you are in your professional journey. Not only will it help you think about who you want to attract, but how you can help and what makes you different. And you'll be able to craft a bio to use on LinkedIn or your other social channels if you don't have a website. 


    How will I receive my bundle?

    You'll get an email with a zip file which includes all three digital downloadables, as well as instructions for how to access your videos via a private URL. 


    Give the people what they want...more You

    Stop waiting to put more of you into your business and your message. Your audience is clamoring for it.


    Praise for Personality Brand

    Danielle’s Mad Libs exercise is brilliant and it helped me to convey a personality that feels authentic and true to who I am in real life.

    - Judy, EvolveMe, LLC

    After using Danielle's materials and tips, I not only updated my About page and LinkedIn profile, I also started writing with more honesty and integrity than ever before, and with a much greater level of comfort.

    - Erica, CMO2Go


    I'd never heard of Mad Libs before. The examples are amazingly fun and help you to not overthink too much!” - Louisa


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