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One year closer to the end

Always smiling

Maybe taking the ribbon theme a bit too seriously.

It's a quiet birthday this year and the first without my son, who's away at college. Normally I do a bunch of festivities, or as my friend Stephanie calls them, my Super Sweet Sixteen, but this year was just a quiet dinner with friends and will be a wine tasting at my apartment Saturday. It's not a big birthday, whatever that means, but some might say each one is big. Especially as we age. No day is guaranteed, blah blah.

But, I also think I just want to do less these days. I'm embracing my hermit phase, which for me means a few nights in as opposed to 0 nights in! Part of that is chalked up to my tax bill and when I'm home I spend less money (crazy how that works), but I'm also relishing some quiet time with myself, my couch and my TV. Which, for an extrovert like me, is weird. But I'm going with it. And I'm not hating it.


Phase 3

This girl looks thrilled to have a birthday.

I have big plans to live to 100, which means I'm currently in phase 3 of my life if I were to break it into quarters. Part of slowing down is to give me space to consider what I want these phases to look like. I think I'm so used to being on the go and always moving that truly sitting still is allowing me to be more ponderous and more intentional about how I spend my time. I keep saying I'm going to dedicate more space for dating, but I'm not actually compelled to do that. So I'm not. Feel free to change my mind about this.

For my 50th I really wanted to rent a Chateau in France, but due to the pandemic and a host of other factors, that never happened. But it will. And before 55. Mark my words. If you want an invite, just reply to this email. The more the merrier! And if you know someone with a castle, even better.


Day by day

I also find I'm taking things more day by day. Now, let's not get crazy — I'm still a planner. Those that know me know this isn't going to change, and I'm still booking out for speaking events in advance, but I truly have not planned much of anything beyond May. I'm kind of liking just winging it. Or being somewhat spontaneous. Somewhat.

I'm future forecasting when it comes to my business. Always. I have to in order to meet my goals and maintain momentum, but on the home front, I'm letting things come to me. As my friend Rachel says, "this the most chill I've ever been."

Yep, that's me playing the flute. Couldn't read music or play a note now if you paid me.

Let's give it a try

With my healthy dose of chill comes a lot of let's give it a try. Especially in business. I like to see what sticks. What I enjoy doing. What is helpful for my audience. And I think as I get older I'm not only more attuned to what my clients need but what I want to give them and am capable of. I get better at it. I'm a better champion and supporter. I can see the things in you that you don't see, or can't see or just never knew how to express.

I've probably had this ability my whole life but I never had the space or time to figure it out. I've always been loyal and I've always but a curious listener, but that's definitely become heightened. And I'm stepping into it more. And I love it. I love it for me and I love it for you.

Because more and more people are waking up to the understanding that not only can they be themselves, but they WANT to be themselves. They want to figure out how to express more of who they are and form real connections with clients and colleagues. Because being someone you're not is exhausting. And it's not helpful to you or them.

Standing out from the crowd.

What I wish for this year

I mean it when I say that my wish is for you to be comfortable being you. Personally and professionally. Nothing would make me happier. This is my business mission and my life mission. I want everyone to truly feel they can be themselves in professional spaces and use that to be more confident and forge more connections. Life is too short to hold yourself back and hide the best parts of you. Even if you live to 100. So what are you waiting for? And if you need help...

Where my Ziggy-heads at?

One way to be more you

Let me be your cheerleader, your support and your champion! And now for less! Not only is my Voxer Coaching Program "join when you want", but if you sign up by April 15th you'll get $50 off each month for level 1 and $100 off each month of level 2. (Website pricing reflects current discount)

I really want my wish to come true for you! So smash this button for all the details and if you're interested either sign up today or book a call to learn more!


Find a role where you can be you

I'm partnering with CollabWORK to bring you some of the hottest jobs around. If you or someone you know is looking, feel free to share this newsletter with them.  

Senior Manager, Email Deliverability, Simon Data, NYC (Remote): Provide expert advice, support, and guidance to customers, assist in the sales and service of our email product, and stay informed about the latest compliance and deliverability trends; the role requires 5+ years of experience in email consultancy and deliverability, knowledge of SMTP protocol and mail servers, and familiarity with email APIs and deliverability tools. (full details and apply)

Marketing Content Creator & Copywriter, Gateway Health Partners, Fort Worth, TX (Fully Remote): Gateway Health Partners is seeking a creative Marketing Content Creator & Copywriter with 2-5 years of experience and a bachelor's degree in a related field to shape the brand's voice across all external channels, compose copy for various external communications, and collaborate with marketing and other functional teams, while demonstrating excellent communication, organizational skills, and attention to detail.. (full role details and apply)

Brand Manager, Grand Canyon Education, AZ (Fully Remote): Seeking an Arizona-based, remote Brand Manager to develop and execute brand strategies, coordinate marketing materials and production, manage advertising projects, and analyze media performance. (full details and apply)

VP of Marketing, What Goes Around Comes Around, Jersey City (In Person): The VP of Marketing will be responsible for shaping and executing the marketing strategy for WGACA, leading a team of marketing professionals, overseeing all aspects of marketing, collaborating with the executive team, driving customer acquisition and revenue growth, building strong relationships with key stakeholders, monitoring industry trends, developing marketing campaigns, instituting KPIs, developing marketing plans, tracking and analyzing key marketing metrics, staying updated with emerging technologies and best practices, and should have a Bachelor's degree in marketing or a related field with proven experience as a marketing leader in a high-growth direct to consumer company. (full details and apply)

Executive Director of Communications, Randstad, New York (Contract/Hybrid): This is a temporary role (March-November 2024) leading a global team to deliver best-in-class communication campaigns for a Travel Retail Worldwide Communications team, encompassing social media influencer marketing, corporate communications, brand communications, and crisis management, with a focus on creating business value through engaging campaigns and partnerships. (full details and apply)



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