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Strategic guidance meets personal support
with 1:1 Voxer coaching!

In case you’re not familiar with Voxer, it’s an asynchronous app that allows you to share voice messages back and forth. Anyone can use it — and I mean anyone. 


We’ll start by defining a clear goal or deliverable you’d like to achieve or learn by the end of our time together. After we lock in your strategy, for the next twelve weeks we’ll communicate either weekly or biweekly (depending on the level of support you need) to make sure you’re making steady progress towards that goal. 

No more getting stuck or paralyzed by overwhelm or indecision for weeks (or months) on end. When you message me with an issue I’ll get back to you within 24 hours with whatever it is you’re needing — from feedback on content to advice on new business ventures — making sure you’re consistently making forward progress..

Looking for support?
You found it! 

Are you stuck? Unmotivated? Frustrated? Overwhelmed? All of the above?

What would it mean to have consistent support and feedback on your marketing, messaging or business — from someone who’s been there and done that?


If you’re ready to move the needle towards more clients that you’re genuinely excited to work with — without committing a bunch of time to yet another structured program — I’ve got the 1:1 support you’ve been looking for! (cue the applause)

Look how great we’ll be together! (like PB&J)​

​I’ve taken my business from generic and forgettable to creating a never-before and now in-demand niche — while increasing revenue year after year. This is your opportunity to pick my brain and get actionable advice and steps straight from the source. 


But wait, there are even more perks as we work through these twelve weeks together:

  • Access to my years of experience in copywriting, branding and ideal client acquisition (I’ve got this down to a science and it’s so rewarding to master!). 

  • A sounding board for everything from new business ideas, pricing questions, content conundrums and (seemingly) unsolvable client mysteries. 

  • No need to worry about making time for scheduled meetings! Thanks to Voxer, whenever something comes up just pick up your phone and word-vomit your issue as soon as it pops into your head — no more frantically jotting down notes to try and remember nuances or details for later.

  • Save loads of time otherwise spent on trial-and-error — because I already did it, learned from it, and processed it into actionable advice for fellow entrepreneurs.

“I’m hugely grateful for Danielle’s expertise and guidance. The ways she got me to prospect for the gold and turn it into jewelry were brilliant… Loved it all!”

- Kay M.


Limited spots available!
Voxer coaching available on a rolling basis 

To keep things high quality and on point, space is limited to 10 people — so you’re gonna want to act fast! The lucky ten people who secure their spot will get to choose from two levels of support:

I need a boost! 

This is mid-level support for those wanting clear, professional feedback and guidance — but don’t need access to me every week. 


  • 2 voice memos per month with detailed responses

  • PLUS: 1 x 45- minute 1:1 Zoom coaching call at any point in the 12 weeks (a $500 value!)

  • Exclusive access to my monthly newsletter for Personality Brand On Demand subscribers only 

Investment: $250/month

I’m ready for a relationship 

This is top-level support for those who want more deep-divery and consistent contact — so you can keep your foot on the gas pedal.


  • 4 voice memos per month (one each week) with detailed responses

  • 3 x 30-minute 1:1 Zoom coaching calls (one per month; more than a $1000 value!) 

  • Exclusive access to my monthly newsletter for Personality Brand On Demand subscribers only 

Investment: $475/month

Levels Info
shutterstock_530415049 [Converted].png

“Danielle has a genuine interest in making you shine!” 

- Hector P.


How exactly does this work?

Regardless of which level of support you choose, when you submit a voice memo you’ll get responses from me within 24 hours (Monday through Friday…I’m not that crazy!). I’ll respond to your message with feedback plus direction to any other resources I have access to so you can get back to business and move forward quickly.

Here’s just a sample of some resources I might send your way in addition to my personal guidance:

  • Email nurture sequences I’ve actually used

  • Proposals that have landed dream clients

  • Scripts for reaching out and networking on LinkedIn 

  • Prompts or forms for requesting reviews from happy clients

  • Examples of incredible LinkedIn Bios or About pages

  • And more!

Your Zoom coaching calls are the perfect opportunity to either go deeper and get granular about a specific topic or issue — or if you’re feeling a big change is on the horizon, we can zoom way out (no pun intended) and talk about big shifts that will steer you and your business in the right direction.

Oh, and your allotment of monthly voice memos don’t rollover to subsequent weeks or months, so make sure to use them! (If that means setting a reminder on your phone, do itttt!)

No topic is off-limits and no problem is too big to start tackling ASAP!


I want this to be an easy choice for you!

To help facilitate an easy 🎉YES🎉 to investing in yourself and your business, coaching is billed monthly. And if your needs change, you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade between levels at any time for the following month. How bout them apples!

P.S. If the prices above seem too good to be true it's because they almost are. Since this is a brand-spanking-new program, rates will never be this low again…so hop on! And if you sign up now, you’ll lock in this rate forever.

“Danielle was a blast to work with and made this process fun! She worked with my brain dump of ideas to truly reflect my personal story…Her intuition is spot-on!” - Ginny H. 


What exactly can we work on together?

The sky's the limit but here are a few ideas:

  • Messaging: I’ll review your content or talk through your  messaging 

  • Sticky client issues

  • LinkedIn everything: from your bio to content to networking

  • Attracting the right clients through personality… and in the process repelling the wrong ones

  • Client outreach 

  • Anything business related! 

  • Website content: what to say, how to say it and where to place it on your website for maximum impact 

  • Client proposals: attract the right clients then land them!

  • Pricing: we all wish this was simple but it's not – I’ve seen it all and I can help!

  • The mindset of consistently moving forward: if you’re in the habit of getting hung up on minutiae and delaying progress, now’s the time to break the cycle! 

  • Content consistency: how to build a habit that sticks and…literally anything! 

Hear from some of my fans


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does it mean to lock in my rate?
    Prices for this program will never be this low again — but if you sign up for the inaugural run, you’ll be able to register for future runs of this program at the same low introductory rate you’re paying now. Which means if you love the program (and I know you will!) you don’t have to worry about prices going up in the future. Huzzah!
  • What if I have too many questions?
    If you feel like you have loads of questions, there’s likely one (maybe two) main issues at the root of them all. Spend some time listing out all the questions swimming around in your head then look for a recurring theme or idea. The common thread may not be related to the questions at all! For example, if you have questions about every single aspect of a project or your business, maybe the best question is actually, “I need to zoom out — where should I focus my time and energy for maximum impact over the next few days?” or “I’m completely overwhelmed, what's my first step here?!” Trust me, we’ll get you sorted out!
  • How do I phrase or shape my questions?
    In a way that makes sense to you! Don’t feel like you have to craft a perfectly worded and eloquent query. We’re keeping things real and raw here, so when I say this is a judgment-free zone for word-vomiting, I mean it! Trust your intuition about what’s most important at this snapshot in time and let ‘er rip!
  • How do payments work?
    Payments occur monthly! Regardless of which tier of support you choose, you’ll be charged at sign-up for your first month of support. After that you’ll be automatically billed monthly (from the same payment method) for each subsequent month of fun.
  • What if I need to cancel?
    Not a problem! We live in uncertain times and I don’t want you to feel any fear around being locked into something that may not be a good fit down the road. That’s why I’ve deliberately set this program up so you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your support at any time for the following month.
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