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So, a lot of you have been asking...

Dewy and glowing

Perhaps you've seen those influencers all over social media who love to create posts that start with "so, a lot of you have been asking about..." This usually ends with:

  • My skincare routine

  • How I got these amazing arms

  • My green smoothie recipe

  • Where I got [insert product here] 

  • etc. 

Let's be honest. No one is asking.

And if they are, it's likely a small minority. This is just the shameless way for influencers to tout something they want you to buy so they get affiliate commission. No shade to them if this is how they make money, but this phrase has just become a punchline in the social media realm. 


Ask and ye shall receive

Now, something I've written about before — and will continue to talk about — is the idea of listening to the market. This is something my coach, Ilise Benun, introduced into my lexicon.

What does this mean? It means that your audience, followers, clients, customers or prospects will tell you what they need by asking if you do X. This isn't to say you simply let people dictate what your offers should be, but people know what they want and if they ask, they want YOU to give it to them. I'm not sure it ever would have occurred to me to write people's LinkedIn bios until they started asking. And I'm pretty certain running workshops around bios and branding also wasn't on my radar until people started asking. 

And this isn't unique to me. I had drinks recently with a friend who's venturing into a slightly different space than she's used to, and her audience is starting to ask her for help in ways she never expected! But to be clear, this is something she's not only capable of but likely born to do. And if someone hadn't asked her, she probably never would have thought of it on her own. 


The people know what the people know

Other than traditional copywriting, every aspect of Personality Branding for individuals and teams was the result of listening to the market and more importantly, trying something new. Because you don't know what you don't know. And I never knew that this would be the thing I loved doing, was actually good at and was needed in the market. It's also what lights me up. When I talk to people about presenting and speaking, they tell me how animated I get and how my face lights up (it could also be the product you've been asking about). 


What you've really been asking for

What I also hear is how many of my clients see me as a coach. A champion. A mentor. A supporter.

How I give them tons of advice around business, because I've been there and I've been on the receiving end.

And this is something I LOVE.

Helping others.

Sharing my triumphs and failures.

Giving people a peek under the hood and then the gas to get going. 

I LIVE to ideate. To brainstorm. To work through issues. 

And of course, help with message, content, editing and sparkling personality-driven copy.

So, since you've been asking, I do have something new and exciting that allows you to work with me in a completely different way. It's part coaching, part content, part support, part accountability and part mentorship. 

And the best part is it's asynchronous so you can get help when you need it, not at a prescribed time.

No Zoom.

No meetings.

Just an opportunity to talk through burning questions whenever the mood strikes.

I could just gush about this, but it's probably easiest if you just click this button for all the details...


Look ma, I got press!

When I started to work with individuals on their Personal(ity) Brand a few years ago, it never occurred to me that Senior Leaders or Executives would need a similar service. But fast forward and having a clear brand or story has gone from nice to have to need to have for anyone trying to be visible inside or outside their organization.

I was thrilled to be one of the experts interviewed for this article in Chief to share how Executives can rethink their resume and forge their Personality Brand in an ever-evolving landscape of thought leadership.


Looking for a new role or know someone who is?

I'm partnering with CollabWORK to bring you some of the hottest jobs around. Click on each one to get the full details and apply. 

Communications Manager, WeVote, Oakland, CA (fully remote):  WeVote is seeking a volunteer Communications Manager with marketing and content strategy experience to work remotely with their team, engage voters, and support democracy for 4+ hours per week.

Senior Performance Media Manager, Adobe, San Francisco: Adobe is seeking a Senior Performance Media Manager to develop marketing strategies and manage media budgets to drive user acquisition and engagement for next-generation products.

Executive Communications and Reputation Manager, HP Inc., Palo Alto: Develop and execute PR/AR strategies, manage media relations and events, train spokespeople, maintain agency partnerships, and deliver projects within budget. 

Senior Communications Manager - Executive Communications, Varian Medical Systems, Palo Alto, CA:  (Hybrid) Varian, a Siemens Healthineers Company, seeks a Senior Communications Manager to develop and execute strategic communication plans, create content, and engage with employees, customers, and shareholders through executive leadership messaging and media relations.

Digital Marketing / Advertising Project Manager, Globant, New York (Hyrbrid): Globant seeks a Project Manager with over 6 years of experience and a background in digital marketing for a hybrid full-time position in New York, proficient with UX design tools, project management software, CMS systems, and social platforms.

Corporate Communications Manager, Udemy, San Francisco: (Hybrid) Udemy is seeking a Corporate Communications Manager to elevate its corporate presence and narrative by executing communication strategies and fostering media and stakeholder relationships. This role is also available in Denver, Ankara, Dublin, and Melbourne. 

Senior Marketing Manager - Asset Management/Institutional Investment, New York (Hybrid): Senior Marketing Manager sought for a hybrid role in New York, NY, requiring 7+ years' experience in financial services marketing, with a focus on asset management/institutional investing, to lead marketing strategies and campaigns for North America.



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