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The SYCK Career Podcast

What's the most dreaded interview question?

So, NAME, tell me about yourself. (Ok, so not a question but you get the gist)

We all know this question is coming and yet we're always ill-prepared to answer it. But, I have a surefire way to lean into this question not just comfortably, but excitedly. It's by developing your Personality Brand.

I was honored to be a guest on the Steer Your Career Podcast with Alan Stein, where we talked all about how important it is to know yourself and your brand to get the job and of course, GET THAT MONEY! Alan is a master at helping people get MUCH more than they ever would have asked for when landing a job. This is a can't miss conversation. Honestly, it might be one of the best interviews I've given and has the most tactical and impactful takeaways for anyone!

Give it a listen and tell me what you think!


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