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Be the host of your own infomercial

We just made an infomercial

What is it about infomercials? Why do we always get sucked into watching and become fascinated with a "never-before-seen" product?

Is it the host? Is it the demonstration? Is it the product? Maybe it's all three? What I know about infomercials is that they're mesmerizing and captivating. They come on the TV and I start listening. Watching. Paying attention. Nodding along. I'm hooked.


It's just so unique

But let's be honest, most infomercial products aren't all that unique. Scrub Daddy? It's a sponge...with a smiley face. Bullet blender? It's a blender...shaped like a bullet. Ginsu Knives? They're knives...that are sharp (like all knives). What they all are is something you've seen before (maybe a ton of times), with a slight twist. They know they have competition. They know they aren't alone in what they do. So how can they get noticed? How can they stand out? By shining a light on what makes them different.


You need this product

They make it seem like you've never seen anything like it and you must own this product immediately.

But infomercial products are just like us.

All of us have competition.

All of us are just a little bit different from someone else, but what makes us different are the things we need to highlight.

The things we need to sell.

So why do we keep touting the same things as everyone else?

How can we expect to get noticed by blending in?


You are your own pitch-person

You don't need Billy Mays or Suzanne Somers to yell about your product (from the graves, RIP). You can AND SHOULD be your own pitch-person.

You can hype

up your own differences in your bio and your elevator pitch, introduction or conversations.

Because if you don't who will?

No one will ever care as much about your career as you.

Isn't it time you acted like a paid pitch person for your professional brand? (and gave yourself a HUGE raise?!)

Keep reading to find out how...


LAST CHANCE: Become the best promoter of you

It's happening on November 7th (so only one day left to join us). Even if you can't attend the entire workshop, you will get so much real, tangible and tactical takeaways from this. There will be fun, laughter, writing, role play, practice, support and a replay that will live on in perpetuity. Plus the price can not be beat! It's a 2-for-1 special with me and Erin Brown. Here's what you get:

  • A brand spankin’ new bio that gets you noticed for all the right reasons 😮

  • Clarity on who you are and how to position yourself to attract the right audience 🙌

  • A DIY toolkit to prepare you for speaking success for video and in-person appearances 🎥

  • Tactics to let go of your inner critic (aka, “Judge Jenny”) 👋

  • Tools to remove jargon and highlight the things that make you effing amazing 🛠️

  • Simple methods to look and feel like your best self so you have a powerful impact 💁‍♀️

This workshop will be the most fun 1/2 day you've ever spent! And get you a real bio and elevator pitch you can use for any situation.


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