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Can a bio change your life?

It might be hyperbolic to suggest this, but the truth is when you have content that sounds like you, you feel more confident.

You feel more clear.

You feel more comfortable.

The right bio can land you speaking gigs, clients, customers, a promotion, a new job.

Is that life changing? You're damn right it is!

Perhaps you feel stuck.

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed.

Perhaps you feel confused.

Probably you feel frustrated!

You've likely been working on your bio for a long time and no matter what you do, it simply doesn't sound like you.

It doesn't represent the extent of your experience or your success.

And for the life of you, you can't figure out why this is so damn hard!


Help is the greatest gift

Here's the thing: you can continue to struggle and be in this same place next year, or you can accept help and finally have something that tells your story.

That showcases how amazing and accomplished you are.

And that sounds like you, in your head and on the screen or page.


We're in this together

This is why I've structured my content sessions to be collaborative.

You can't do this on your own and if you hand it off to someone, it's often missing that nugget or amazing insight that will transform your bio from KIND OF you to SO MUCH YOU.

When we work together, I write, you give feedback, suggestions, edits and supply stories and watch as I tell your story on the page in a way you never would have.

But don't take my word for it:

"This quick-fire content session was such a boost and it exceeded my expectations! Danielle translated my thoughts into copy that sounds more like me. I love how she helped me change the POV and positioning into something that immediately felt more comfortable, relatable and powerful!" - Mich B., Podcaster, Author and Coach


Pay less, get more

I want you to have no barrier to investing in yourself.

In your business.

In your career.

Whether you're looking to change jobs, have your own business, want to start your own business or just need help with message, I want you to be able to get this done now and feel great about it for ever more.

That's why from Black Friday (hey, that's today!) through Cyber Monday I'm offering 25% off a 60- or 90-minute working content session with me.

You can purchase anytime from 11/25-28 and book anytime in the next year. Heck, you can even stock up and get a few.

If you've been putting off revising your resume, your LinkedIn, your website, your email sequence, sales page, cover letter, you name it, this is the time to get it done.

I promise that in this short amount of time we'll work together to deliver you content that makes you feel so comfortable that you can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

And, if you book the 90-minute session, you'll also get a free bonus: 25 Email Subjects Lines That Get Opened.

Simply use code GET25OFF and run, don't walk, to snag your slot!


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