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Get off my couch

Thank you for being here

I grew up watching talk shows. Specifically late night talk shows. Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, David Letterman, etc. Back then, with just a few minutes of banter and chatting, you felt like you got to know a little something about a celebrity. Of course, now I realize that they were always and usually only there to promote their latest project, but it didn't matter. A few fleeting moments of Michael J. Fox or Brad Pitt were all I needed. And all I got. Because the format of the late night talk show isn't actually designed to get to know anyone. It's a surface conversation meant to highlight one small thing and give the appearance of a connection.

Step into my studio

Now my days are spent listening to podcasts. And a lot of these podcasts are either hosted by former talk show hosts (Conan O'Brien) or hosted by celebrities. But the beauty of this format, and one they talk about all the time, is there's no time cap. No one has to promote something in 7 minutes and make room for the next person. Now, they can spend an hour or more truly having a real conversation and getting to know someone. And now the audience, or the listener, actually feels like they're connecting with the guests. Even if they talk about a project, it feels genuine and authentic. You actually learn things about who they are as humans. Their families, their childhood, their hobbies and even their struggles. All of a sudden the biggest celebrity becomes relatable.

7 minutes in heaven

When you're trying to make a connection with your intended audience, it takes time. Even for a celebrity, no one's getting to know them in a few minutes on screen. It might seem like that at first, but that's not a genuine connection. That's a performance.

This is where so many professionals go wrong. They start to perform and become a version of themselves that they think their audience wants to see. They do the talk show couch version. But really what their audience wants is the long form podcast studio version. The real, warts-and-all (kinda) version that reminds everyone that we're flawed and human and imperfect — just like them. That's what your audience is looking for. Isn't it time you stopped performing and just stepped into the greatest role of your life — You.


My 6-month program is ready for the next cohort. I have loved every minute of this program and the progress my participants have made is amazing. As we prepare to wrap up, they all have newsletters, they all post and comment consistently on social and they're working on their lead magnets and email nurture sequences.

All of this took time. Just like a long form podcast, they've been letting their audiences get to know them slowly. They've been getting comfortable developing their voice. And they've built credibility and connection.

If you want to be more consistent with your content, my next cohort kicks off in late September. Join the waiting list and get more info now.


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