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How can you expand?

Shed with the words Always Room to Grow painted on it with a sunflower
Photo credit: Kyle Glenn

Going Through the Change

Pivot, adapt, shift, change. I bet if you did a Google search on these words from the past couple of months, the hits would be through the roof. (How many times have you seen the Friends PIVOT!! couch episode referenced in a GIF, email or newsletter?) I don’t know about you, but when I start hearing something incessantly, it loses its meaning and more importantly, its value. But I also start to just stop paying attention. 

Well, This is Different

Yes, times are different. Yes, your job, role, or business model might need some adjustment (caveat if adjustment is an understatement for your career right now.) But I just can’t listen to one more person talking about how they’re pivoting (when they should have been prepared) or adapting (when they should have been prepared). 

Thinking On Top of the Box

But, what I’m loving right now is seeing the amazing creativity and expansion of people who are building off of what they already have. Thinking about how they can add to what they’d already put in place and are ramping up the variety of types of offerings, skill sets and services. Crisis begets creativity, but having the systems and support in place already, makes it easier to showcase what else you can do. They aren’t changing their models, they’re embellishing them or highlighting other aspects that maybe don’t get all the attention. 

So, I Did a Thing

I myself have been listening to the marketplace and thinking about how else I can offer my services. I still help individuals and organizations with brand message, brand voice and content, but how can I bring that to more people? One answer is virtual workshops. Same process I take my clients through, but with a focus on teaching vs. doing. I’m also looking into self-guided online courses for people who want that same content but on their own schedule. And, I’m talking to potential clients about other ways to work with them. Doing virtual discovery sessions to assess their brand needs or even weekly one-on-one sessions where we work through their message together. 

There are so many ways to take what you do and add to it and expand for yourself and your audience. You don’t always need to pivot. Sometimes it’s just you, only better. 

Want to chat about how? Grab 15 minutes on my calendar.


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