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How Newness is Not Your Weakness in Your Lisa Mullis

Meet Terra the pup-pup who recently became a new member of my family.

Everything is new again

While this isn't the first time I've raised a dog from puppyhood, everything is all new again. New dynamics in the house, new toys, new food, new rules, new routine.

Everything is certainly all new to her, which is both charming and concerning (because you can see the Lab in her, right? and you know how much Labs like to CHEW things???). She's at the beginning stages of learning to be a good dog which has got me thinking about what it's like to be new to something.

Like, you might be new in your business. Or you might be at the start of learning a new skill or modality.

You might be working with new clients.

You might be new to managing a team.

Really, no matter how long you've been in business or what kind of business you’re in, there will be many moments of new throughout the journey.

Being a beginner is uncomfortable.

It can feel overwhelming. It can feel hard.

There's often a stigma associated with being new at something, like you haven't earned your place at the table yet.

You know what else evokes similar feelings of discomfort and unworthiness?

Imposter syndrome.

Yet beginner-ness is different from imposter syndrome.

One is a state of progress.

The other is a state of mind.

One is temporary — you're only a beginner until you're not.

The other can be a permanent roadblock…to moving into new levels of newness.

I think it's important to recognize when you're a beginner or you're feeling like an imposter.

Neither scenario is ever entirely absent from the human experience, and there might be times you feel both at once.

Twenty years in, I still get a little nervous turning in work to a new client, and I know that's a combo of my imposter monster and the lack of ease I have with established clients.

When you can celebrate being a beginner, you can step into the energy and delight of newness.

There’s power in that.

When you recognize your own flavor of not-enough-ness that's at the heart of feeling the imposter, you can harness the vulnerability that creates connection with others.

You may be new.

You may not know the next step after this one… yet.

You may need time.

You are never not qualified to be in service to others.

You are never without intellect and impact.

You are never not worthy.

Lisa Mullis

As a content strategist and copywriter for coaches, creatives, and consultants in mid- to late-career transition, Lisa Mullis has many other resources available at, on IG, or her FB biz page. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn.

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