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I Don't Want You to Read This

I mean if you want to, you should, but if what I write doesn't resonate with you, then you aren't my audience. And that's perfectly ok. In fact, it's the goal of marketing. One of the things I always tell my clients is that if they aren't alienating people with their messaging, then they're doing it wrong. 

Who You Don't Attract is Almost as Important as Who You Do

So what do I mean by that? Let's be frank, most of us aren't for everyone. And we shouldn't be. That doesn't mean you're a jerk (unless you are) or you're trying to drive a wedge, it means that by simply being you, certain people will be attracted to your message and certain people won't. Just like you can't be friends with everyone (if you think you should, stop!), the same goes for messaging. You want to resonate with people who truly get it. And that's a small percentage.

Go Small or Go Home

The more you can resonate, the stronger that smaller audience will be. It's not quantity. It's quality. The smallest percentage of any audience does the most purchasing for any product or service. That's a fact. And that's why savvy marketers know that they need to speak just to those people, and forget everyone else. Rabid fans of any business don't come from mass messaging, they come from niche, specific, targeted and authentic messaging. 

Vetting is for Dogs

A lot of people talk about the need to vet their prospects. This means they need to be sure those people are a good fit for their business. But if you have a clear voice and a clear message, you can self vet. I know this because I haven't had to vet a client in years. I'm not some guru or genius, but when someone comes to my website, they know EXACTLY what they're getting with me. It's overly apparent the type of person I am and the type of people I want to help. THIS IS BY DESIGN!

The Real Lean In

The more I leaned into being me, the more my site vetted for me. If people come there and don't resonate with my message, they leave. Those people aren't booking consultation calls because they know we aren't a fit. And that's the point. Neither of us need to waste any time dancing around whether we should work together. But the ones who come and love my message, who truly feel like I'm speaking to them, THOSE are my people. Those people have just gone from cold to hot in the prospect pipeline and all I need to do is have a conversation and close the deal. 

Time to Alienate and Attract

So how can you start to alienate the wrong people and attract the right people? What steps can you take in your messaging to really focus on being you and knowing that you will certainly turn people off? How can you find your ideal audience and really ramp up your fan base so you never need to vet again? I can help.  


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