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I Got A Facelift

Things look a little different around here

Don't worry Mom, I didn't get an actual facelift. Anyone who sees me IRL can clearly witness the permanent puffs under my eyes and the neck that Nora Efron so infamously apologized for. I don't apologize for aging, nor should anyone. And I'm fortunate to perhaps look less than my actual years (whatever that means) and outside of all my aches and pains, I feel pretty damn south of my age as well. But, like many people, I've felt like it was time to make some changes that would feel more me. Changes more aligned with who I am today vs. where I was a few years ago.

Sing the song inside of you

Someone told me about this speech that Flea gave at the induction of Metallica into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It's about 10 minutes long but very dynamic if you want to watch the whole thing. However, if you want to jump ahead to around the 6-minute mark, he talks about the greatest tragedy being when you die, not being able to 'sing the song that's inside of you'. And of course he doesn't just mean actual singing. Most of us probably shouldn't ever sing anything (!), but it's a wonderful metaphor for sharing your true gifts to the world. Realizing what you're driven to do and actually acting on it without fear. I just love this so much and it reminded me of what my own song is.

Bringing more you to work

Maybe you never noticed but my tagline under my logo used to say, "The copy you wish you could write." This isn't a dig at anyone's ability, but more a statement on how if you knew how to express who you were in written form, you would. Most people can't. But, as my business has evolved, so has my purpose. Where previously I created the copy you wished you could write, now I'm helping you to do it yourself. Now, I'm hosting and running workshops and trainings inside organizations with the specific goal of helping employees be more themselves at work. This is me singing my song. My song is helping you to be more you. To help you sing your song. Because the world needs more you. The world wants more you. And I want you to give it to them. If your organization wants to help your employees shine, to promote self-advocacy, retain staff and make them feel valued, I'd love to discuss how I can bring Personality Brand to your team. And if you want a sneak peek at what that looks like...


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