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I'm Glad You're Still Here

Don't let the door hit you in the ass

Did you know that if you start emailing your audience everyday, some of them might not take too kindly to that? Even if you give them a way to opt out of said emails? I, of course, suspected this might happen. After all, I've been showing up in your inbox every two weeks for a couple of years, but now everyday seems like a huge jump. I mean, are you even ready for that kind of commitment? It's like we had three dates and then I moved in. #subaru

The Fallout

I don't typically check my unsubscribes.

Most people do.

Most obsess over them.

To me unsubs are like comments, no reason to go there. It's a car accident I don't need to see so I just keep on driving.

Now, some will say, but it's a metric. How can you know if you're engaging your audience if you don't check your metrics? I check but I don't obsess. In other words, when I see in my dashboard that I've had say 1 or 2 subsubs this week, I don't check to see who it is. It doesn't matter. As long as that number stays around the same each week, I know my audience is engaged.

And, when someone leaves, there could be any number of reasons:

A) They might just need a break

B) It was an accident

C) They no longer want to hear from me

D) They're not my audience

D is of course the most important.

People change.

Roles change.

Needs change.

Perhaps what I have to say no longer resonates with them.

Perhaps they no longer have a need for branding or copywriting.

Perhaps they just don't like me.

All of these are fine. Because if they don't need me, I don't need/want them.

It's not personal, it's business

At the end of the day we do business with people we know, like and trust. That's a two-way street. If they no longer like me, there can be no trust. There can be no relationship. So, back to the title of this email - I'm glad you're still here. With me now sending out 50 days in a row of content (and double on newsletter days like today), those unsubscribes have gone into the double-digits. But all the people leaving just makes room for more people. Or narrows down my list to the people who really want to read my content, who really value and appreciate it. And for that, I value and appreciate you. (two-way street Tess) Remember, we all put out messaging for our audience, not any audience. And those people will change over time. Who knows? Some of my unsubs might be back. But regardless, what matters to me is who's still here.

Still want more of me? Of course you do!

I had an amazing conversation with Cass McCrory about being you wherever you are, but especially online. It's a nice compact episode full of nuggets and wisdom. I especially love when Cass talks about how it's almost selfish if you're good at something and you don't tell people. Chills! I hope you'll give it a listen.


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