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Is your bio underdressed?

I rarely remember my dreams

I'm not sure why, but I just don't wake up recalling much of what I dreamt. And I don't think I've ever had an anxiety dream where I realize I'm naked on stage, have lost my teeth or am wearing the wrong outfit to a fancy event and everyone is staring. But I can understand the feeling. The feeling of thinking that everyone is looking at you, or you're out of place, don't belong and just feel awkward.

You never want to be underdressed

I think most of us feel better when we're overdressed vs. underdressed. Overdressed is fancy, elegant, regal. You put in effort! Maybe more effort than everyone else. There was thought. Care. Preparation. You KNOW you look better than everyone else and if they're staring, it's for all the right reasons. You own that room, suckers. But when we're underdressed we feel exposed. Maybe even cheap. Like we didn't put in effort and people are staring for the wrong reasons. We don't look or act like we belong. This isn't about fitting in, this is about putting your best foot forward and when you show up underdressed you feel like you failed. You missed the memo and it was important.

You're never fully dressed without a bio

I was talking to a new client the other day and she said something about her bio being underdressed and a lightbulb went on. I instantly said, this is my next newsletter, because the correlation between your bio just not being as dressed as it should be really struck a chord.

When you have a bio that's underdressed, or not up to snuff, you don't want [it] to be seen. You're embarrassed. You know it could and should look better but you don't have the clothes, the tools, or the style to get it where it needs to be. You need help.

And just like a wardrobe, your bio needs constant care and refreshing. Just like a wardrobe needs new pieces and accessories, your bio needs new stats, accolades and accomplishments. It needs to stay current and relevant. You don't want your bio to feel neglected like that dated pant suit in the back of the closet that you know you'll never wear but can't bear to part with (it's time).

Introducing the Personality Brand On Demand Subscription

Consider me your wardrobe stylist, but for your bio and brand! So many of you have come to me for a bio refresh. And I love to do these! But then what? What happens a few months from now when you have more awesome accomplishments to add, or you change roles or you pivot or you want to highlight different aspects of your career?

Now, you have Personality Brand On Demand! Thisannual subscriptionisYour Brand Concierge for a Full Year!

What you get:

  • 1 x 90-minute Deep Dive Done with You Content Session (can be broken into (2) 45-min sessions or a 60 and 30) to create, hone and finesse your bio

  • 2 x 60-minute Follow up sessions (first Follow up to take place @six months after initial session and 2nd session is one year after)

Your subscription also includes:

  • 10% discount on any workshop or speaking event run by me

  • Exclusive access to and preferred rate for 30-minute deep dive mini sessions as needed

  • Exclusive monthly newsletter (audio, video or written) only for subscribers with tips to maximize your LinkedIn and reminders to continue to gather metrics, testimonials and other career highlights to include in your refreshes

I am so excited about this and have to thank my new "underdressed" client for not only helping me come up with this program, but being my first client to use it!

And, because it's brand new, I'm offering $250 off to anyone who signs up before the end of the year. Want more details?


Speaking of in demand (see what I did there?)

Sometimes you just need a quick pick me up. A refresh. And a healthy dose of fun! Join me and the talented Erin Brown for a half-day workshop to build your kick ass bio and shine with red carpet confidence. Here's what you get:

  • A brand spankin’ new bio that gets you noticed for all the right reasons 😮

  • Clarity on who you are and how to position yourself to attract the right audience 🙌

  • A DIY toolkit to prepare you for speaking success for video and in-person appearances 🎥

  • Tactics to let go of your inner critic (aka, “Judge Jenny”) 👋

  • Tools to remove jargon and highlight the things that make you effing amazing 🛠️

  • Newfound excitement to connect with whoever you’re talking to (IRL or virtual) 👨‍👩‍👧

  • Simple methods to look and feel like your best self so you have a powerful impact 💁‍♀️

And if you use code EARLYBIRD at checkout, you'll save $50 off the price. Get all the details and snag your seat now!


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