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It's bonus time!

Today is the power of three. Three opportunities for you to grow your authority, your list, your business and your revenue. And who doesn't want that???

Build that list baby!

I'm very excited to be a part of the List Building Secrets virtual event, created by the talented, Veronica Arboleda.

Veronica is a Virtual Event Producer and like most of us, had struggle to find her ideal clients — until she discovered virtual summits. She knows there are other ways you can create a list and her mission is to help you find your sweet spot on how to find your highly targeted clients.

That’s why she created this FREE virtual event called List Building Secrets: Coaches' and Entrepreneurs' insight secrets to finding your highly targeted clients through virtual events and much more! She's interviewed 18+ Speakers (including moi, of course!) who are in the space of Virtual Summits, Audio summits, FB Ads, Quizzes, Sales, Being on Camera, Pinterest, Youtube, Branding and much more!

I want YOU to be a part of this transformation. Not only is it free to access the sessions, there are FREE giveaways to help support your journey of building your list and growing your audience. ​

Because your time is limited, each speaker delivers about 25 minutes of jam-packed content, filled with incredible tools, tips, and strategies on how to find your highly targeted clients. It’s perfect to listen to while you get ready in the morning, in your car, or when you need a break between meetings.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Get Leads with Ads in 30-days!

  • Using a quiz to grow your email list

  • How to use video in all stages of your customer buying journey (it's not all about social!)

  • How to Grow Your Email List & Revenue on Autopilot Using Pinterest

  • Finding your audience with Personality Brand

  • And more!​

I'm so excited to share this virtual event with you! Register now and get your complimentary ticket. The Summit kicks off on August 29th! And feel free to share with your network. The more the merrier!


Isn't it time for a Marketing Mastermind?

My friends at Her Brand & Co. have a saying I can get behind: “marketing is not a one-size-fits-all. There's no silver bullet. No magic sauce.”

The Her Brand & Co. Marketing Mastermind is a high-touch, group coaching program that helps you set, launch, and surpass your marketing and sales goals in a matter of four months.

Do you need help identifying which channels, tools and tactics actually drive revenue?

Only 10 founders are accepted in each cohort and they start September 7th! I've been a guest mentor for their programs and I can't say enough about Jess and Mari! They're phenomenal.

Want to see if you're a good fit for the program?


Healthy Biz Accountability Group

My friend Hayley Foster is running an amazing 12-Week Healthy Biz Accountability Group.

In this program, participants receive:

  • Coaching - each month you receive 2, 1-hour, 1-on-1 calls to work through business goals, strategy, social media content and growth plans.

  • Community - stay connected to others in the wellness community with weekly check in calls every Tuesday

  • Content - we provide you with weekly social media content ideas to help you continue to put yourself out there via emails, social media and blog posts for your website

  • Technology Support - ask questions on our weekly calls to help you resolve any technology issues as it relates to your website, lead magnets, emails and apps

  • Business Strategy - we will set goals at the beginning of the 12-week program, support you and hold you accountable weekly to reaching those goals

If this sounds like a fit for you, learn more about what this program has to offer.


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