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It's just a bio, right?

Are you ready to level up? One way to start is by creating a kick-ass bio.

What's a bio anyway?

How much impact can a few words have on your confidence?

Your sense of self?

Your identity?

Your career?

After all, it's just a bunch of words on a page, right?


More than words

There's a reason I named my company More Than Words. Because words are just a part of the puzzle.

Words are more than just text on a page or screen, they shape how we feel about ourselves.

They give us clarity, focus and direction.

They level set us and provide us with a framework, especially when those words tell our story.

Because that's what a bio is. It's our story.

It's not only what we've done, but who we are.

What makes us special.

What makes us unique.

And words give life to that framework.


Stop holding your story hostage

So many people struggle to write about themselves.

This is because writing about yourself is vulnerable, but also because it's important.

If your bio didn't matter, you'd be able to write it in 30 seconds.

But because you know it helps define you and showcase you to the outside world, it carries a lot of weight.

The weight of a lifetime synthesized into a paragraph or a few paragraphs.

It matters. A lot.

It's also why when I work with clients, we take a lot of time crafting their bio.

Because it all stems from that. You can't have a business or a career without putting you first.

And a good bio can visibly transform how you see yourself.


It's like magic, if magic was hard work

I wrapped up my Kick-Ass Bio Workshop last week and the difference in everyone's demeanor from the start of the first session to the end of the second is night and day. They start with overwhelm. Confusion. Lack of confidence and clarity. They're either stuck or putting everything in. And I see the frustration. The "this should be easier" tone in the way they talk about writing. And then something starts to happen as we go through the process. Little a-ha moments. Parts and pieces start to come together. They start to recognize their story and understand how it's relevant. It starts to feel like them. It starts to feel easier. And it starts to define them in a way they're proud of. In perhaps a way they've never felt before. And that — that's the power of more than words. That's the power of clarity of your own voice and message. Of ownership of your narrative. That's the transformation and the power of owning your words and wanting to share them with the world. Of knowing who you are, who you serve and how you can help. But it has to start with your story. Are you ready to share yours?


Speaking of bios...

Everyone needs to craft a compelling resume summary, LinkedIn profile, corporate bio or even a website that gets you noticed.

That's why I'm excited to be presenting for this free event at Meytier, an organization that uses AI to help companies strengthen their diversity efforts and hire more qualified women.

Join me on November 15 at 12 pm EST and find out how you can level up your bio.


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