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It's my birthday, but you get a gift!

I LOVE my birthday! Perhaps because my son is too old to care much about his own and I have no pet to shower with affection, so every March I give myself the gift of annoying everyone around me with birthday month celebrations! My actual birthday is Tuesday, where I'll be celebrating with a morning croissant at the best French bakery there is, a champagne facial and spa day pass, and dinner at a West Village hot spot I've been dying to go for years. But, even though I am VERY good to myself, I want to be just as good to you. If you were here last year for my 50 Days of Wisdom with a Side of Wine, you might recall I offered a steal of a discount on my Done with You Content Sessions. Tons of you took advantage of this and used these throughout the year to get that content polished and personality-filled! But this year, we're leveling up babies. Read on...

Consistency is the name of the game

There's so much content flashing by us every day, we need to show up as constant sources of value for our prospective customers/clients so we aren’t perpetually relegated to the backs of their minds (knock, knock, it’s me!). I like to say you won't cut through until you're sick of yourself.

It can be super frustrating and exhausting trying to come up with a constant stream of ideas, then taking the time to write it all up, then post. And of course, make it sound like you. I get it. And I’ve got a solution.

It’s a brand new opportunity to get dedicated time and personal help and feedback on your content. This isn't a situation where you’ll be in a 3,000-participant “session” – it’s focused, quality time to directly work on your specific messaging needs.

Getting juicy

Perhaps you’ve recently said to yourself: I know I need to be posting content consistently but (and I can’t emphasize this enough) UGHHHH! I designed this workshop-style program specifically to help you through these tough situations. Whether you need help planning and making a habit of content creation, creating email outreach or nurture sequences, or managing your time around any of these things — I’ve got you covered. This isn't another self-led “course” or series of presentations. You won’t just be a spectator. I’m deliberately keeping the group high and tight so you’ll get personal help and feedback every time we meet.

What's in the box?

Introducing Consistent Content that Kicks Ass! Just like it's sister program, How to Create a Kick-Ass Bio, the structure is simple but effective. CCKA consists of six 1-hour, monthly workshops we’ll use to strategize, plan and write your content. And the strategies and habits we build will extend far beyond our six months together; we’ll be creating a custom content-generating machine that you can drive indefinitely into the future of your business. You get:

  • A one-hour monthly lesson + co-working session designed to create consistent content for your audience

  • Focused learning on what to create, how often and how to repurpose so you’re getting more from less

  • Direct help from me and help from our small group of like-minded entrepreneurs

  • Real time feedback that’s tailored specifically to your unique positioning, values, and goals

  • BONUS: Once per month Ask Me Anything session where you can ask questions, get dedicated feedback, and bring anything else to the table that you want help with

Here's the crazy part

I plan to run this program and charge $3,000 for six months. BUT, since it's my birthday, I'm going all Crazy Eddie and slashing prices, offering it for $1500, or 6 payments of $250.

Wait, there's more! If you pay in full up front, I’ll bonus you a high-impact, one-on-one 45-minute session with yours truly. It’ll be just you and me collaborating on your frontline needs. This is a $400 bonus - for free! My gift to you! And before you wonder if you can make it and when the sessions will be, that's the best part. Days and time will be decided by the cohort to ensure everyone can attend when it's most convenient for them. So you really have no more excuses for not creating that consistent content and bringing those clients or customers to your door. Or having them bang it down! Like all gifts, this one won't last. The half price offer is only good until midnight on my birthday, March 28th. Spots are filling up and I want to keep this small, so don't delay. Choose your adventure below! And of course, if you have any questions, email me and we can jump on a call.


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