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Just Out Here Building An Empire

If You Build It...

I recently bought a pin that said “Bitches Build Empires.” It embraces all I’m trying to do these days. In fact, when friends ask how I'm doing, I often respond with “I’m just building my empire.” Kind of joking, but mostly not. I have plans dear readers. Gird your loins. 

Sadly, this pin is somewhere on a New York City street, or in a gutter, or worse, since it fell off my backpack a few weeks ago. But it did get me thinking. I love the sentiment. It’s totally me. 

It’s bold.  It’s in your face.  It’s pink!  And it contains a curse word.  All the things that describe my outward personality. 

But like anyone else, my personality is much more than just those few surface and obvious things. So while those who know me on a limited scale might cite those traits above, people who really know me, know there’s so much more.

More Than Meets the Eye

I cry watching really emotional singers on TV Talent Shows.  I love Harry Potter.  I cherish and obsessively purchase costume jewelry.  I wear glitter eye shadow. I own more sneakers than anyone should.  I’m a staunch defender of my friends and my friendships.  I’m fiercely loyal. I obsessively plan but also like to be spontaneous.  I could listen to female singer songwriters for the rest of my days.  I love the symphony and art.  I try to be a good listener.  I’m becoming more empathetic.  I’m working on vulnerability. 

So while you might describe me as someone who drinks wine and lifts weights, I’m here to tell you there’s much more than that. And I want you to recognize the same in you. 

You, Only Really You

When I talk about developing a Personality Brand, that’s not just for people with “strong” personalities like me. It’s about bringing a piece of you into your content and message. It’s about what makes you, well, you and sharing that with the world. Not oversharing, but sharing enough to convey your humanity. Enough to create a connection.

Enough to show you’re a layered person. Because we trust people. We trust those we connect with. We trust those who share commonalities with us. We trust realness.

Bringing some of you and your essence into your messaging isn’t unprofessional, it’s necessary. People aren’t just making a financial commitment to you, your product or service, they’re making an emotional one. They’re investing in you, and your humanity is how you show you value that. 

Your Audience is Waiting

So what can you bring into your message in 2020 that reflects your Personality Brand? How can you showcase what makes you unique, but still maintain boundaries to not share too much? What would people be surprised to know about you? Your audience is hungry to know you. Figure out something you want them to know and reveal that. You owe it to them, and to you. 


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