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Let's go to the videotape

Learn from the best

If you've ever watched a sports movie, or read or listened to or watched an interview from a professional player or coach, then you've heard them talk about film.

Not film like movies. Film as in game film.

You'd be hard pressed to find a professional (or college) athlete that didn't watch film of their opponents (and themselves).

After all, how can you beat someone if you don't know what to expect?

How can you win if you don't know the plays or moves they might make?

How can you win if you aren't prepared?

And you can't be prepared if you don't research the other side.

Gotta start somewhere

Not to mention that all great athletes (or great anythings) start out well, not so great.

They start out average, or maybe above average, but they work at it.

They learn from those who came before them.

They learn from those who are better than them.

They see what others are doing and copy it and then improve on it, making it their own.

Because they know that they can't win if they don't know what everyone else is doing.

They can't stand out if they don't understand the landscape.

Watch the film

For the longest time when people asked me who my competition was, I said no one.

That was ignorant and untrue.

While I don't necessarily see other copywriters as my competition, there are certainly some people in my space that are doing what I do. Or close to it anyway.

Some of them are even doing it better. Ok, a lot of them are doing it better.

But, rather than be bothered by this, I subscribed to their newsletters and emails, I saw what they were doing and I watched the film.

I took their expertise and molded and melded it to make it my own.

And I'm still doing it.

Yes, they might be my competition.

And no, we're not competing, per se, because there's plenty to go around.

But, if I'm competing with myself to be better everyday, to serve my audience better, to create what they need and deliver it to them, why not use what others have done before me so I can win?

Win for my clients.

Win for myself.

And win for those who come after me.

And even if someone isn't doing something I would do, or doing it "better" that's still a chance to me to say, I'd never do that, or this feels yucky, or hmm, I can improve on that.

It's not always about learning from those who are farther along, or even better, it's learning from everyone in all the ways we can.

Along these lines, I've got something exciting I'm working on around helping you shape your message.

Something to help you hone your Personality Brand and put that into every place you communicate (and with the tools to do it confidently).

Something longer than my Kickass About Page Workshop.

A chance to work with me in an ongoing capacity and get help, support and collaboration from others like you in a small group setting.

Something more affordable than one on one but with the same amount of impact.

If you're intrigued and want to learn more, just reply to this email.


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