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Opening the Floodgates

"Enlightenment or awakening is not the creation of a new state of affairs, but the recognition of what already is." - Alan Watts, British Writer 

I was invited to a virtual dinner this week and the acronym for the event was GATE. It stood for Give, Ask, Thanks or Experiment. The reason for this was at the dinner (which used to be in person) you got to spend time with another attendee and do one of these four things. 

As a networker myself, I’ve often used the three I’s: Information, Invitation or Introduction, which is what you provide another person with when you meet them, but GATE really got me thinking. 

In light of everything going on right now with Black Lives Matter and Racial Justice Reform, I wanted to think about a way to lift up the black community, as best as I’m able. The best way I know to do that is through messaging. Believe me, I’ve been listening, reading, digesting, discussing and “feeling, healing and dealing,” but I also want to be a resource to amplify voices of those, who have for too long, been kept down. So if you truly want to educate yourself and work to create a world we can all be proud of, here are some places to start...


Give: Your Time, Money, Signature & Ears

TIME: Our most precious resource. Use it wisely. 


MONEY: Put your money where your mouth is. 


SIGNATURE: Sign these petitions.


EARS: Listen to these podcasts and talks.


EYES: Read these books.


ASK: How Your Black Friends Are Doing

Check in, often. Don’t ask them how to help you understand. It’s not their job to teach us as white people. Ask how you can support them.


THANK: Protestors, activists and friends

Reach out to people you know who are doing good, supporting the cause and doing the work and let them know you appreciate it.


EXPERIMENT: Listen, feel and see differently

Get uncomfortable. And then get more so. This won’t happen overnight. Nothing ever does. But you can change. You can be more aware. You can be more understanding. And you can make a difference.


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