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Patience Young Jedi

I'm Not Going Anywhere

So, fun fact about me that you may or may not know: patience isn't my strong suit. I can blame it on being a New Yorker or being Type A or being the first born or being an Aries, or any number of things. But the truth is, I've just never been a very patient person. I can't fathom people who walk slowly or worse, drive slowly. I don't understand how these people don't have somewhere better to be, that they're fine driving 45 in a 55. It truly boggles my mind.

Slams On Brakes

But the crazy thing about perceived personality traits, is that sometimes they are more circumstance than baked in. Turns out, since the world has basically ground to a halt, I, like everyone, have nothing but time. So, going to a store and having to wait in line, no problem. What else am I doing? Where am I running off to? Obviously understanding the world we're living in right now has also made me acutely empathetic to all that everyone is dealing with — patrons and employees — but there's also been a sense of calm that's come over me whenever I'm faced with a situation that would usually send me into a frustration tailspin.

If This is Heaven, I'm Down

Funnily enough, the thing that used to give me the greatest agita — driving — is now the most enjoyable thing ever! Driving on empty roads has become the most heavenly experience for me. I can weave with aplomb, get all the green lights and get anywhere in record time. I've become involved with an amazing organization, the NYC Face Mask Initiative, that's making masks, and I drive for them to drop off materials and pick up finished masks. (You can learn more and donate here if you want to help.) I can do six locations in Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan in under 2 hours. It's insanity. And bliss. I've never cursed less in my car. I have been half-joking that this is what I hope Heaven is. Empty roads and me behind the wheel. True freedom.

Pause and Be Still

It's weird when you almost don't recognize yourself. Who is this calm and measured person? What happened to the always on the go, frazzled and perennially frustrated human?

Let's be clear. I know this is temporary. Like this situation. But if even part of me can continue to be more patient, kind and understanding after this, I'll gladly take the win.

I'd love to hear if you've noticed a positive change in your own self or behavior lately. Send me a note and tell me all about it.


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