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Personality is the new black.

Always on trend

Remember when "_____ is the new black" was all the rage? This idea that black was the trend but now something else was replacing it? But, of course, black clothing is a classic, not a trend. It's elegant, refined and goes with everything. For many of my friends, black is the only color (or non-color) they wear, save for shades of grey (light black) and if they're really crazy, brown.

Some trends are perma-trends

Growing up for many of us meant fitting in. If you want to call that a trend, fine, but it really was the norm. Individuality wasn't praised, it was vilified. Different meant weird. And no one wanted to be weird. So we all forced ourselves to conform and be like everyone else. I could go on about how detrimental this was (and is) to anyone who's an "other" but regardless of your race, gender or sexual preference, we were all told to be the same. Looking back it's kind of insane.

Nice to have vs. need to have

I remember that in the professional world, the only place you could show a little difference was that Hobby or Special Skills section at the bottom of your resume. We'd put in all the fancy computer programs we knew (Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, Quark for my design friends, Lotus Notes anyone?) and slip in that we did karate or volunteered at insert charity here. But it was a Nice to have, not a Need to have. Many people skipped this altogether or thought it was frivolous.

Need to have vs. nice to have

But today we've done a 180. Now, if you don't include a hobby, if you don't share some of your personality, your story, what makes you tick, what makes you different, then you're the one who fits in vs. stands out. And standing out is the new black. And hopefully will remain a classic. Something we all embrace for time eternal.

Because celebrating our weird, our differences, our passions, our background, and our story, is what drives all of humanity. Skills are all well and good, and necessary, but skills don't drive connection.

Skills don't drive laughter.

Skills don't make you memorable.

Skills can be taught.

But who you are is baked in. It's part of your DNA and just like DNA, completely unique to you.

So, if you have to jump on a trend, jump on the Need to have of bringing your personality to your professional bio and message. It's the most important trend there is.

Profit from your Personality

Speaking of a classic, here's something that's sure to be around for a while. In this MEGA bundle, myself, Ilise Benun and the amazing and talented Lisa Mullis, combine three of our digital bundles into one, creating a 3-step recipe to build your Personality Brand, put that personality into your headlines and content and then use it to write winning proposals that land you clients who you love.


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