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Profit from your Personality

Make money by being yourself

Did you know that before I started More Than Words, I was simply Danielle Z. Hughes Copywriting? My website, which was really just a portfolio for my work, had no About page (can you imagine!?) and no real content other than the categories of the work I was showcasing.

I had this version of my "business" for a few years. I put business in quotes because I wasn't really running a business. I was pretending to have a business but really I acted like this was my jobby — a job and a hobby. But the painful part is this wasn't a hobby. It was in fact, my only job, so I needed revenue. And clients.

I wasn't writing copy for fun. And I wasn't having fun either.


Who are you?

What's worse is that I was forgettable. Sure, I did good work and the clients I had appreciated it, but I certainly wasn't charging much and frankly, since I had no real business direction, I was faking my way through confidence. My calls weren't jovial. I didn't get to know my clients. It was all business almost all the time. And I was hustling with not much to show for it.

Everyone thinks I came out of the womb this confident person. That couldn't be further from the truth. It wasn't until I started to put more of my personality into my business that things became clear. It was then that I was able to let my guard down. Laugh with prospects and clients. Have fun! And the quality of my work improved dramatically! As did my revenue. We're talking 4X what I made when I was just Danielle Z. Hughes Copywriting. I guess you could say I'm profiting from my personality. And you can too.


Please allow me to introduce...


Much of my personality journey is due to Ilise Benun, my former coach and now friend and collaboration partner. When I hired her to help me with my brand, she encouraged me to put more of me into my website. And by encouraged I mean pushed! LOL

Yes, even I was wary of what people would think. Of cursing. Of putting my personality on the page. Even for me, it was uncomfortable — at first. But then a funny thing started to happen. I had people reaching out who all said the same thing: "I love your website," and "You're exactly what I expected." BINGO!

Now I could be 100% me on the phone.

Now I could let my guard down.

Now I could truly be myself.

It was transformative. And it continues to be. And as I tell all of my clients, you can do this too. This isn't a Danielle thing. This is a YOU thing. When you develop your Personality Brand, you truly will profit from your personality. And you'll also attract and land more clients you'll love working with.

And isn't that the point of all of this?


It's a tri-laboration

What happens when you have a clear brand that attracts the right people, is you find other people whose brands (and personalities) you love and with whom you want to team up. I'm beyond excited for my first Tri-laboration (instead of collaboration) with Ilise and the amazing and talented Lisa Mullis, combining three of our digital bundles into one MEGA bundle, or bundle of bundles. The Profit from your Personality Bundle is a 3-step recipe to build your Personality Brand, put that personality into your headlines and content and then use it to write winning proposals that land you clients who you love. There's so much good stuff in here it's crazy. And we've loaded it with bonus content for days! Want a sneak peek? Personality Lite Bundle (complete micro-course) Learn how to put more of yourself and your personality into your business to gain confidence, comfort and cash

  • Create your Brand Positioning Worksheet + How-to video

  • About Me Mad Libs Digital Download + How-to video

  • How to Put it All Together video

  • Bonus downloads:

    • Personality Brand Bio Checklist

    • How to Write the Best Out of Office Messages

Copy Camp for Headlines, Titles + Email Subject Lines (complete micro-course) Learn how to write great headlines, titles, and subject lines to up your opens, get the opt-ins, and amp your offers

  • Base Camp — Foundational concepts of copy that converts

  • The Art of the Start — Email subject lines that pop the inbox

  • Naming and Claiming — Headlines, titles, and subtitles for offers, freebies, and other content that make them must-reads and must-haves

  • Just Right Invites — Call-to-action buttons & links that get the click

  • Plus…

    • Real-world examples so you can see the copywriting techniques in action

    • Fail-safe, fill-in-the-blank templates you can use right away

Bonus Download! Define Your Brand’s Star Power Blueprint

Win Every Project with the Proposal Oreo Strategy: How to solve the problem of “Just send me a proposal” with a cookie

  • 16-pg Illustrated Recipe Ebook & Printable versions: 8 Questions to ask during The Qualifying Conversation

    • 10 Essential Elements in Your Proposal

    • Dos and Don’ts for Presenting Your Proposal

  • Bonus cutting room floor video with a real-life interview from a web designer about how she leads the qualifying call with confidence!

  • 2 brand new, excellent examples of proposals that won the project


Put it into practice

But, of course, that wasn't enough for us. We're givers! That's why we're going to do a live training where we take you through each one of our bundles so you can get the most of it. We'll share tips and tricks, real examples and how to ensure you Profit from your Personality!

This live training takes place May 31st at 3pm EST. But it's only for people who purchase the Profit from your Personality Bundle before then.

So, if you're even considering it, don't delay!

This bundle will be available in the Marketing-Mentor Shop after that, but you'll miss out on the training (and yes, you can get the recording if you buy but can't make the live time).

I promise that this is not only going to change how you show up in your business, it's going to be the best value you ever got.



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