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Someone's Been Very Good This Year (Hint: It's You)

Santa who?

I got your letter (sorry Santa) and I know what you want for the holidays this year — More Personality!!! Drumroll please....

Introducing the More Than Words Shop!

This is where your Personality Brand dreams come true with digital downloadables and companion videos to help you create your very own Genuine Personality Brand.

Who doesn't love a bundle?

This amazing pack of personality includes:

  • 3 how-to videos

  • How to build your brand positioning

  • How to fill in your About Me Mad Libs

  • How to put them all together and write a kick-ass bio

  • My About Me Mad Libs digital downloadable

  • My Brand Positioning Worksheet

And, because this is a launch, my best bundle is $20 off!

It's basically free.

Not ready to commit?

Three videos and two downloadables is a lot. I get it. And while it's the best value, and the most comprehensive, some people want to crawl before they can walk.

You can get both for the price of a pie at L&B Spumoni Gardens. And while both have flavor, I'll give you one hint at which one lasts longer?

But wait, there's more...

Plus, if you need extra help putting it all together to create a brand that looks, feels and sounds like you, AND attracts the right audience, while repelling the wrong one, you can even book time with me to conduct a virtual session where we get you that brand you've always wanted. Indeed Christmas has come early!

Still browsing?

Maybe digital isn't your style. And while any of the digital products make a great holiday gift for that special someone in your life who needs a Personality Brand, perhaps you want something more intimate. I'm launching a special pre-holiday Kick Ass About Page workshop so you can have a Personality Brand by the New Year! Workshops are 2 sessions of 2-hours each and limited to 8 people so secure your spot today!


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