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Stop masquerading as white bread when you're really an everything bagel

Picture this

When I'm running a workshop or doing a speaking gig, I talk about the importance of creating a visual with your bio. How our brains LOVE a visual and how this helps people get a clear picture of how you think. And yet, for some reason I have not done this with my own positioning.


There's still hope

So, at the Ignite Mastermind Day for Female Founders last week, where I was also a speaker, I got to learn from three other amazing entrepreneurs. One of them, speaking coach Sarah Glancy, challenged us to create a visual for the pain point of our clients.

Of course I know what my clients struggle with: they don't know what's special about them, or they feel like they're no different from everyone else. But how can I bring a visual to this feeling? What's the symbol of someone not realizing the depth of complexity they have?

In a pair share with host Maura Walters, we were trying to create a visual for this thought. What's something plain? What's something bland that's like everything else?

And then we got it.

Most people think they're white bread, but really they're an everything bagel!

The moment the magic happened!

Give it to me with a schmear

We ALL have various flavors to our personality. None of us are bland and just one thing.

We are chewy.



We have density.

And we have different amounts of this in each bite, or interaction.

Your bio shouldn't be white bread.

It shouldn't sound like everyone else and get stuck to the roof of your mouth.

It should be an everything bagel, loaded with flavor and something to dig into and savor.

And just like the variety in the seasoning of an everything bagel, you change over time.

You aren't the same today as you were last year or where you'll be in a few months.

You need a bio to stay as Everything as you are and will be.


Keep your bio hot and fresh year-round

I'll be your baker so you'll never go stale again — because your bio needs to stay hot and fresh, just like you!

What happens a few months from now when you have more awesome accomplishments to add, or you change roles or you pivot or you want to highlight different aspects of your career?

Presenting: Personality Brand On Demand! This annual subscription isYour Brand Concierge for a Full Year!

What you get:

  • 1 x 90-minute Deep Dive Done with You Content Session to create, hone and finesse your bio

  • 2 x 60-minute Follow up sessions (first Follow up to take place @six months after initial session and 2nd session is one year after)

Your subscription also includes:

  • 10% discount on any workshop or speaking event run by me

  • Exclusive access to and preferred rate for 30-minute deep dive mini sessions as needed

  • Exclusive monthly newsletter only for subscribers with tips to maximize your LinkedIn and reminders to continue to gather metrics, testimonials and other career highlights to include in your refreshes


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