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The best investment you can ever make is...

Have you started holiday shopping yet? Maybe you've snagged gifts for the whole family. But have you shopped for the most important person — yourself? What if you could give yourself the gift of finally nailing that content and having a message that sounds like you and attracts the audience you want? And what if you could do that for 25% off? Read on...

What's the worst investment you ever made?

We were talking about this in my coaching group recently. This could be a financial investment or a business investment or one in the same. I mentioned how several years ago when webinars were starting to become a popular way to make money, I paid a lot of money for a course (from a very popular podcaster) on how to make a webinar. It was supposed to come with all the support I needed and they made this out to be turnkey and easy. I'm sure you can guess what happened.

It was neither turnkey nor easy. They shamed me for not understanding the technology and the whole experience left me feeling icky, used and hoodwinked.


Cart before the horse

Not only wasn't I ready to create a webinar, I didn't even know what I wanted it to be about. I hadn't fully fleshed out my own brand or my own message. I was simply jumping on the bandwagon and caught up in the hype. This investment was less about me and more about wanting to join this person's ecosystem of greatness.

And the whole experience just cemented for me how I wanted to serve my clients. How I would never leave them in the lurch, how I would always overdeliver and overdeliver some more. And more importantly, how I wanted them to truly be ready before they did whatever it was they thought they should be doing.


Think before you leap

So many people come to me and say they need X. But after doing some digging, they're not even at B. My experience above has made me extremely committed to helping my clients and delivering the results they actually need, not just taking their money. I want you to be sooooo happy and thrilled and feel almost like you pulled one over on me because you got so much value. That your investment paid dividends. Because regardless of your business, this is really about an investment in you!

This is why when you book a working session with me or take a workshop, I always offer to review your content after the fact. After you've had time to digest it and edit and hone it even more.

The clock doesn't stop when our session ends. It stops when you're happy with your results and have something you want to share with the world. This can be a week, a month, even several months later. I will always look at what we've done together, because I want you to feel like you got your money's worth, and then some. I understand that this investment might be one of the most important things you do for yourself and I don't take that lightly. Which is why....


Pay less, get more

I want you to have no barrier to investing in yourself.

In your business.

In your career.

Whether you're looking to change jobs, have your own business, want to start your own business or just need help with message, I want you to be able to get this done now and feel great about it for ever more.

That's why from Black Friday through Cyber Monday I'm offering 25% off a 60- or 90-minute working content session with me.

You can purchase anytime from 11/25-28 and book anytime in the next year. Heck, you can even stock up and get a few.

If you've been putting off revising your resume, your LinkedIn, your website, your email sequence, sales page, cover letter, you name it, this is the time to get it done. I promise that in this short amount of time we'll work together to deliver you with content that makes you feel so comfortable that you can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

And, if you book the 90-minute session, you'll also get a free bonus: 25 Email Subjects Lines That Get Opened. Watch this space and my socials (LinkedIn, Instagram) for details, a link once everything goes live and of course that discount code. Even better, want to get notified personally? Send me an email and I'll notify you as soon as the sale starts.



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