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The Year of Websites

So many websites...

What do an author, a printing company, a cannabis accounting business, a production company, an executive coach, a leadership coaching course, a chocolate company, a snarky card line, a hospitality business for restaurant openings and a school for young people on the spectrum have in common?

They're all websites I wrote content for in 2022.

People often ask me what industry I serve and my answer is always the same: all of them.

Because it's not about industry, it's about need.

It's about readiness.

It's about an understanding that you can't capture your own voice in your content and you need someone who can.

These websites are all the true embodiment of Personality Brand.

They all sound different.

They all showcase the personality of the person or business.

They all connect with their ideal audience.

And they all prove that the right person can find your voice and often write it better than you can (just sayin').

But they also prove that it's worth finding your voice and showcasing the dramatic impact that has on your business.

Because now these sites convey a unique point of view and look and feel distinctly like that business.

They're fresh, they're vibrant and they're clear about what they offer and who they serve.

Please visit each of these amazing businesses and if you want to have content that sounds uniquely you, you can start with my New Year, More You Challenge or you can just reply to this email.

Whether you need a website or something else, I'm here to deliver you something uniquely you in 2023.


Influence Print

How do you combine two distinct printing and graphic businesses into one? And both with decades old websites that didn't showcase the modern facilities they have or the stunning work they do? Take a gander at the new Influence Print.


Hazel Armstrong's California Confections

This project was all about bringing a brand new business to market and honoring the heritage behind it. Get ready to drool over Hazel Armstrong's California Confections.


GlenHaven International

A former FBI Special Agent turned Leadership Coach wanted to create a website to announce his new course for first-time leaders. Level up with GlenHaven International.



A special website for a special community. Spectrum360 needed a functional website that brought true focus on the work they do and the people they serve, while also being as vibrant as their young people. Oh, and their new website happened to win Outstanding Website!


We Count Green

Probably the best tagline I've ever written, We Count Green offers Accounting for Dope Businesses. Find out how they count all kinds of green (now legal).


Krista Rizzo

How does a leadership and life coach stand out in a crowded market? By leaning into who she is and what makes her different. Krista Rizzo wants you to fail and considers herself a professional permission granter. Growth isn't a wish you make, it's a process you take.



Production companies are a dime a dozen, but not one founded by a husband and wife with a true life meet cute story, who also write and compose all their own music. Briguel is building their empire. We're just here to witness it.


I Have No Filter

Forget Hallmark, the real cards we want to send are the ones that say what we actually think. I have no filter is a line of such cards for divorced couples that don't hate each other but kinda don't love each other anymore either.


Only yummy, always

The restaurant business is notoriously brutal. But Kim Lerner knew it didn't have to be. Her business helps restaurants to open with sustainability of people and product in mind. And her mantra, is everything should be only yummy, always


Kristin Noto

What does it mean to live E.P.I.C.? Kristin Noto wrote the book on it. And she needed a website to bring her message and her story to life, one epic page at a time.


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