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Well This Is Some Interesting Sh$%

This. Is. Not. A. Drill. 

In all seriousness, my first thought is hoping you and your families are safe. My second is I hope you’re finding solace in all the memes out there. And watching a lot of Netflix. (Scroll to the end for some recommendations.) And not driving each other crazy (we’ve got a long way to go kids). 

In times like this (not that we’ve lived in times like this), it’s easy to let fear dictate our decisions. It’s easy to forget to be kind and to revert to survival mode. Because we literally are just trying to survive right now.

Uncertainty is My Spirit Animal

It’s not like you can ask yourself, “what’s my comfort zone during a global pandemic?” because that concept has probably never crossed your mind (unless you’re a survivalist, and then it’s likely you’re reading this from your bunker with cans of peaches and all that toilet paper missing from Costco). Let’s be clear — of course I’m not comfortable right now. In fact, I’m really, really uncomfortable (even if I’m in my Pjs, haven’t showered, washed my hair or put on makeup for a week). 

But I was talking to a friend the other day and somehow the topic of our comfort zones came up. We both talked about not being the types of people who like to go to the same restaurants or order the same food. We love trying new things. For us, we don’t want to repeat something we’ve already done. We don’t revel in the familiar. We revel in the unknown. To me, half the fun is not knowing and seeing what else is out there. In other words, I guess I don’t really have a comfort zone. I’m pretty good with change. 

Change Begets Opportunity

For me, because I don’t approach life like that, when crazy stuff happens and I’m forced out of a routine, it doesn’t affect me as much. Because I don’t need things to be reliable and I’m open to new opportunities, I’m able to find possibility. For instance, obviously I can’t attend my networking meetings right now. So we’re doing them virtually. Instead of meeting people for coffee, I’m doing them over Zoom. Rather than speak at conferences, I’m offering to speak on podcasts. I realize my business is very virtual and to many this isn’t a big shift, but in every industry there’s opportunity to think differently and figure out how to help keep things moving. Read on for how I might be able to help if you’re unsure what that might be. After all, everyone is virtual right now. 

According to Priya Parker of the NYT, amid the grimness, there’s an opportunity to experiment: “We’re living in a time of virtual happy hours and virtual dance parties, virtual choirs and virtual ‘breath connection,’ virtual church services and virtual potlucks, virtual quarantine Shabbat and virtual sobriety meetings.”Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

There’s no judgment if you’re struggling right now. None. And if you’re home with small children and your spouse, I realize that adds a whole new layer (and I raise you a glass or four of wine), but there’s still a way to respond to what’s happening that takes you out of your comfort zone. In fact, nothing ever happens when you stay comfortable. In no means am I talking about being opportunistic. I’m talking about finding opportunity. 

It’s likely that your audience feels the same way. They’re seeking guidance. They’re seeking comfort. They want to hear from you. It’s hard to know what to say right now, but you need to say something. Business doesn’t stop even when it seems like the world is. How can I help?

Here's What I've Been Watching on Netflix

Ugly Delicious - I love chef David Chang, and season two of this series only disappoints in that it’s a mere four episodes. But if you geek out on food and learning about the history of food, this series is for you. 

Cheer - This real-life docu-series about a cheerleading team from Navarro Community college in Texas is everything you expect and more. As they say, this isn’t Bring it On. 

Love is Blind - If you need something completely mindless and escapist, you’re welcome. I typically hate dating reality shows, but for some reason this sucked me in. Even though the premise doesn’t deliver, the drama certainly does. I dare you to not love/hate this show. 

And if you're one of those types who seek culture, there are so many NYC institutions offering them for free online. Museums, operas, concerts and more. Check them out. 

What are you watching during your confinement? Let me know in the comments.


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