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Don't I know you?

That felt good

Last week an article came out in the WSJ about OOO emails. I don't subscribe to the WSJ so how did I know this? Well, I was bombarded with people emailing it to me, tagging me in posts, DMing etc. After hacking the paywall to read it (here you go). it was mostly about the importance of putting personality into your OOO messages. For me, this is validation of everything I talk about when it comes to your messaging. But before we get into that, let's talk about why people sent this to me.

Where have I heard this before?

I often talk about marketing as having a baby. It takes a minimum of 9 months to plant the seed about your business and have it grow into something recognizable. And just like a baby, you need to talk about it all the time until everyone is sick of hearing you talk about it in order for it to penetrate our bombarded brains.

My first post about Personality Brand was July 2019. And my OOO email downloadable was created in summer 2020. In other words, both have been out there in the ether and with me promoting them for years.

This sounds like you

So, when this article came out, people associated me with it because it's about two of the things I market: Personality and Personality-driven OOO emails.

The article is a bit all over the place, but the biggest takeaway is this, “I didn’t have to get [the OOO email] approved by anyone,” said one respondent. “I could just be myself.” In other words, if you work for a company, sometimes an OOO email is the only place you can write what you want and be fully you.

Be that person

When it comes to message, you want to be that person.

That person people think of for what you do.

You want to be known.

To stand out.

To be memorable.

And the only way to do that, is to network a ton, make connections and keep posting and talking about what you do in a memorable, relatable and useful way.

A way that's about you, but for them — your audience.

Not sure where to start?


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