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What do you love to do?

The most dreaded question 

In every presentation I ask the audience what the most dreaded question is.

And without fail, they all know.  

So tell me about yourself or what do you do. 

What I find funny about this is that we all know this question is coming. And worse, we ASK this question of other people.

And still, we're paralyzed, frozen or simply fumble and stumble through the response. 


If we know this question is going to be asked, why aren't we prepared?

The truth is we are prepared, but most of us don't answer it the right way. Because we don't hear the real question.

Most of us are so concerned with answering how we THINK the other person wants us to answer, and not with the response we want to give. 

But the question is 'Tell me about yourself, or What do you do,' not tell me your job title.

Your job title doesn't tell them what you do.

Your job title is typically generic and meaningless. 


Tell me what you love

I always say that when someone asks you this question, what they really want to know is your story.

Who are you and what makes you tick. 

Recently on Adam Grant's Rethinking podcast, he was talking to comedian Mae Martin and the conversation turned to getting to know people.

And Adam said, "[rather than the] what do you do question? I want to ask what do you LOVE to do? [I want to] hear about your passions and soak those up and I find it so strange that people think that's uncomfortable — why would you not want to share things that you care about?"

Let's read that again: Why would you not want to share things that you care about? 

Yes, yes and yes!

Who knew an organizational psychologist could sum up exactly the problem with this question and the better way to ask it and frame it?

This is what I always tell my clients.

When you add something to your bio or your story that you love, a hobby or passion, it just makes the conversation easier.

It makes the connection easier and it gets both of you animated and talking about what REALLY matters to you. 

And that's so much more impactful than your job title. 

So the next time you need to ask or answer the dreaded question, try reframing it and asking or answering What do you LOVE to do instead. And then tell me how it went! 


Want to truly love what you do?

I'm partnering with CollabWORK to bring you some of the hottest jobs around. If you or someone you know is looking, feel free to share this newsletter with them. 

Mobile Gaming Marketing Manager, Aquent, Washington DC (Fuly remote): The Mobile Gaming Digital Marketing Manager role is a remote, long-term position for a nonprofit organization in Washington DC, responsible for supporting full funnel marketing to drive engagement and grow mobile game participation, with duties including program management, casual gaming marketing, mobile marketing planning and implementation, copywriting, graphic design direction, project management, vendor management, weekly reporting, and performance analysis.

Brand Operations Manager, US Tech Solutions, Contract Role, San Francisco (Fully Remote):  The Brand Operations Manager Level V role is a remote, 7-month contract in San Francisco, CA, paying $85-$90/hr, responsible for managing and improving brand strategies, maintaining brand consistency, facilitating cross-organization communication, managing stakeholder engagement, and implementing scalable systems for the company brand, requiring 8+ years of experience in brand operations/management, project management skills, analytical abilities, and excellent communication skills.

Growth Marketing Manager, Paid Social, Spot & Tango, NYC (Hybrid): Spot & Tango is seeking a Growth Marketing Manager with 4+ years of digital marketing experience to lead their Paid Social program, develop cross-platform strategies, design and implement creative roadmaps, manage budgets, and collaborate with cross-functional teams, in a hybrid role based in their Midtown Manhattan office.

Senior Product Manager MarTech, Curinos, NYC (Hybrid): Curinos is seeking a Senior Product Manager with at least 4 years of experience in data product management, to oversee the product strategy and execution of their Marketing products, engage with financial institution clients, manage stakeholder relationships, and refine data sourcing and delivery methods, based in Greater New York, Chicago, or Boston metropolitan areas.

Digital Marketing Manager and Client Success Manager - Retail Media or Paid Search Background, Skai, NYC (Hybrid): Skai is hiring for several hybrid roles in their Client Success team and Managed Service team, seeking individuals with experience in paid ecommerce media and search campaigns, and offering a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits, with a focus on providing world-class services and strategic consultation to clients.

Chief Marketing Officer, Fountain Life, Orlando (On Site): The Chief Marketing Officer at Fountain Life, reporting to the COO, will lead the marketing strategy across all units, manage digital media execution and customer care strategy, optimize promotions, use data and AI to refine strategies, and expand the marketing team, requiring at least 10 years of senior marketing experience, skills in digital marketing and data analytics, and ability to drive growth in a startup environment.



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