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What's Love Got To Do With It?

One of my clients recently told me that the reason he started following me (and subsequently hired me) was an article I wrote many moons ago that equated online dating to brand message. It was aptly titled “Get Your Audience To Swipe Right On Your Message.” Now, if you know me personally or have been following my content for a while, I used to write a ton about my dating exploits and adventures. And these posts, not surprisingly, were always the most liked and commented on because — wait for it — they were the most vulnerable and relatable.

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Love Me Do

There’s something about talking openly and honestly about affairs of the heart that just resonates with everyone. As I used to say, my single audience members could relate and my married friends would vacillate between wanting to live vicariously through me and feeling so glad they weren’t out in the dating world. It was a win-win-win for everyone. Except me of course, who’s still searching. But before you worry that I’m queueing up a pity party, never fear (although I’m accepting applications)!

Love is All Around Us

As we approach Valentine’s Day, that bogus made-up Hallmark holiday that only exists to make single people feel alone and married people feel obligated, I thought revisiting this theme of love was befitting. Love is perhaps our most universal connector and desire. According to Google, there are over 100 million songs about love, and I’d venture to say, love is the stand out category for all music. And I’d imagine this crosses over into movies, television shows etc.

What is Love?

People tend to throw the term love around very loosely. You can love a show (I was just talking to a new client and bonding over our shared love for American Utopia, the out-of- this-world musical by David Byrne that we both saw last January); you can love an experience (same conversation about how I saw the U2 Joshua Tree tour in 1987 and 2017 and loved bookending that concert experience); you can even love an outfit. “Omygawd, I love that shirt. Where’d you get it?” In fact, one of the things I tell my clients and workshop attendees to do is think about something they love that they can bring into their brand or message — something like a hobby, a piece of clothing, or an expression.

The Heart of the Matter

But why? Why does what we love matter to anyone else? Because when we love something (even if we’re diluting the meaning of the word love), we’re passionate about it, we’re excited about it, and that passion and excitement is immensely evident to whomever we’re talking to and makes them more interested in us and what we love. Think about it — glowing reviews are what drive sales. When we love something, it could be a vacuum, a book, a hair tie, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is we tell people. And our excitement piques their interest.

Show Me Love

I must use the term 'love' dozens of times a day to refer to things I just simply really, really like (except my son, he gets the full on love bomb, even if he’s embarrassed by it). It could be a new beer I found, a delicious glass of red wine, a new product at Trader Joe’s (if you’re an In-N-Out Burger fan (and who isn’t?) run, don’t walk and pick up the Magnifisauce — you’re welcome), a show I’m bingeing, a podcast; you get the picture. I’m a pretty passionate person.

All the Love in the World

Our passion creates magnetism and confidence. After all, when we go off on something we love, we aren’t shy about it, we don’t care what other people think and we feel really smart about the topic in a way that if we thought about it for another second might paralyze us with insecurity. But we aren’t bashful because we know that what we love is good and worthy and we want to share that with other people. We want to give that gift to someone else. We can’t wait to share it! That connection is part of the circle of love. It’s no fun to love something by ourselves, we want to love it with others.

Love Yourself

We all have amazing gifts and talents that just like love, should be shared with the world. It doesn’t matter what you do or who you work for, what you love is part of what makes you you. It’s your Magnifisauce. Now, all you need to do is make sure the world knows it. And, you guessed it, if you need help, hit me up to show you the love.

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