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60-minute Done with You Content/Strategy Session

60-minute Done with You Content/Strategy Session

Writing about yourself is hard!

I get it.


Because we're so hard on ourselves! The good news is that help is on the way! (cue dramatic theme music)


In this 60-minute session, we'll take what you've done with your content (or haven't done), sprinkle some fairy dust on it and create an about page/bio, brand positioning, or any content and make it work its magic on your audience. 


You'll get to share screens with me and together (but with a generous amount of help from me) we'll write (and rewrite and rewrite) a message that sounds like you, conveys what makes you awesome and sets you up to start attracting the right clients/customers/potential employers, while repelling the wrong ones. 


This will be the fastest and best 60 minutes of your life. You'll walk away with something tangible that you can share on LinkedIn, on your website, in networking meetings and anywhere else you put your message. Don't take my word for it:


"This quick-fire content session was such a boost and it exceeded my expectations! Danielle is incredible at quickly identifying how things can be worded better. And she translated my thoughts into copy that sounds more like me. She helped me change the POV and positioning into something that immediately felt more comfortable, relatable and powerful! :)" - Mich B., Podcaster, Author and Coach


If you know you need help (and there's no shame in that), then this session is for you. Plus, we'll have fun, uncover some secret super powers you've been hiding from the world, and tap into things you do well that you never even realized (or took for granted). 


And if you want to use this time to strategize or work on any other content that needs some personality and focus, we can do that too. This is your time to use as you need. 


Let's do this! 


(Purchasing this option will send you an email with a PDF that includes the calendar link to book your session.)

  • How can I book my session?

    You'll receive an order email with a downloadable PDF which includes your link to book a session. If for any reason there are no sessions available within 1 month of purchase, please email to book a time. 


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