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Everything Everywhere All at Once

That was weird

I remember watching Everything Everywhere All at Once on the plane. This was before the Oscar buzz or nominations but I'd heard good things. When I finished watching, I thought, "that was weird and I'm not sure I liked it." I think I did like it and the performances were great but, it was weird. It was, in a sense, the true embodiment of the title. But is that a good thing?


We should not be everything

Despite my previous post about making your bio an everything bagel, we, as professionals or business owners should not try to be everything to everyone. You know that when you try to please everyone you please no one — and make yourself miserable or milquetoast in the process. But we get caught up in thinking if we don't share everything we do, we'll miss out on opportunity. That if we don't promote every service then we'll be overlooked. But of course, the reverse is true. If you promote too many things, no one will know which one thing to come to you for. And we can only truly hold space for one. The goal is to become the go-to person or business for One Awesome Thing you do, not all the awesome things you do. If you do one thing well, I promise you, people will ask if you do other things well. You don't need to tell them. It will be a natural evolution. Because if they like you, they will WANT to give you more business. Make it easy by talking about one thing and become known for that one thing. The rest will follow.


We should not be everywhere

I was at a WE NYC event this week, which is part of the NYC Small Business Association and focused on women entrepreneurs. During the event, which was about networking and collaboration, the same question kept coming up about social media and marketing: do I have to be on all the platforms?

Of course, the response is a resounding NO.

First of all, where are your prospects, clients or customers? Go there.

Second, where do you feel most comfortable? Go there.

Third, what do you have time for on a consistent basis? Do that.

Marketing and social media for most people are a must in business. But it doesn't need to be all platforms, at all times, in perpetuity. Pick the one or ones that you understand, and where you can reach your audience. And do that well! Trying to be everywhere will dilute you and your message, not to mention your energy. And that won't help you or your business.


We should not do everything all at once

Similarly to trying to be everywhere, we can't do everything all at once. I get comments all the time from people telling me "you're all over LinkedIn." Or "your newsletter is the only one I read." I'm flattered of course, but I also really only do these two things.

Yes we (I have an awesome VA) also post to Instagram and Facebook, but it's the same post as LinkedIn. I do three posts a week, unless I'm resharing something, and my newsletter only goes out twice a month, unless I'm promoting something. This feels manageable to me but is also what I need to stay sane — and visible.

I started a LinkedIn newsletter ages ago, but never really carved out time for it. That's a sign it wasn't where my heart is (and I'd rather you read this one!). I was on Tik Tok for a hot minute and I just didn't understand it or want to. Like any self-respecting Gen X-er, I get my Tik Tok in Instagram!

So while it may seem I do everything and I'm everywhere, I am not. But the fact that you think so, means I'm reaching you where you are and enough for you to notice. And that's the point. The only point.

Want to make sure you reach your audience with regularity and ease? Get Personality Brand On Demand!


Don't become stale

The best way to ensure you focus on your one thing and get that message out to your audience is to create and maintain a relevant and fresh bio. But I know that updating it is daunting and why you've likely done nothing for months (or years!). I got you!

My newest program is a Personality Brand On Demand Annual Subscription, which I call Your Brand Concierge for a Full Year! (we fancy now)

Here's what you get:

  • 1 x 90-minute Deep Dive Done with You Content Session to create, hone and finesse your bio. I do all the writing, but you're on the call to provide me the content and offer feedback.

  • 2 x 60-minute follow-up sessions every 6 months to ensure your bio stays relevant, includes your latest clients, promotions, accomplishments, success metrics, hobbies etc.

Your subscription also includes:

  • 10% discount on any Workshop or speaking event run by me

  • Exclusive access to and preferred rate for a 30-minute deep dive mini session as needed

  • Exclusive monthly newsletter only for subscribers with tips to maximize your LinkedIn/Bio and reminders to continue to gather metrics, testimonials and other career highlights to include in your refreshes.

I send you session reminders one month prior with a calendar link for a streamlined experience. All you need to do is show up and have in mind whatever you want to update. Or we can ideate!

If you sign up by December 31st, you'll get $250 off. Are you ready to finally take control of your bio and your message?


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