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I'm Very Bendy

Always a Maybe

Last summer a prospect reached out to me about working together. At the time I had just started conducting virtual workshops with the incomparable Madeline Schwarz, but my main focus was copywriting and content creation. He mentioned he had a serious time zone issue (he's based in Taiwan) so he couldn't attend our workshops but he really wanted to work with me. Then he said, I prefer to do the work together, not just have you go off and write for me. Is that something you do?

Trying New Things

I was intrigued by his ask, since it was more of a coaching or teaching model than just a straight-up client and service provider relationship, so of course I lied and said, yes I do that! (Always fake it till you make it kids.) Perhaps lie is a strong word, but I hadn't done this before and really liked the idea of taking my workshop teaching model and turning into a longer ongoing client relationship. But moreover, I loved having someone say they wanted to have a bigger role and hand in creating their own brand message.

It's Your Brand After All

This is no judgment on people who just want to hire someone to do the work for them (I throw money at these problems all the time), but when you have a direct involvement in creating your brand and honing your message, you can then continue to create messaging with confidence after the fact. I often tell clients that this isn't the Danielle show. I'm being hired to help with their message and brand, so it should be a reflection and extension of them, not me. It's simply my job to help them realize what their brand is and what makes them special. This is actually the greatest part! There's nothing, and I mean NOTHING, better than witnessing someone realize what makes them awesome at what they do and then leaning all the way into that and owning it. It's almost better than white mint chip ice cream from a local creamery. Almost. (I'm not crazy people.)

Stop Putting Yourself in the Corner

It's been dawning on me more recently as I continue to work with him and as I continue to conduct my About Page workshops (March registration is now open), that I love this part of my job more than any other part of it. As my coach said today, it's extremely gratifying. And that's putting it mildly. It's why I'm expanding into more speaking engagements, mentoring, digital courses, corporate trainings and conferences — because I love to hear myself talk (kidding!). I love emboldening people to be more them. It's the greatest high there is (not that I would know - hi, Mom!). And, if you want to see what this client ended up creating, keep reading. And, if you want to discover your own awesome and finally bring all that badassery to the forefront, you know what to do. Own your awesome.

What the Heck is a Presentation Daredevil?

What does jumping over barrels and juggling flames having to do with presenting? Apparently a lot! I love how Robert Iyer took the concept of fear during presenting and turned it on its head. Genius! "I help professionals learn how to transform their fears and deliver presentations with daredevil freedom. Buckle up, because you’re about to become a Presentation Daredevil." After months of working together, he was able to synthesize what makes him unique as a speaking coach and the result is this amazing website (run, don't walk and hire him!). I'm so proud and excited to watch his client list and his confidence soar to new heights (or perhaps get shot from a canon).


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