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What Are You Looking At?

What You See is What You Get

Take a look around. Really. I'll wait.  What surrounds you? Even outside of a pandemic, I'm pretty sure your office space hasn't had a facelift in quite a while. And now, with most of us being stuck in our homes since March, and many of us in apartments, chances are you're looking at the same walls, shelves and stuff every day for hours at a time. And that can take a toll. 

It's Hard to Think Outside the Box When You're in One

Even if you aren't into Feng Shui or energy or any other alternative form of spacial organization, sitting in the same spot and looking at the same things day after day does nothing to stimulate your brain. When we were leaving the house to go to offices or meetings or appointments, we were seeing different things. Trees, sidewalk, cars, lobbies, elevators, coffee shops...PEOPLE! Without even knowing it, our minds were being stimulated by all the activity and energy around us. For most of us these days the only energy and activity around us are pent up children, pets or spouses. And we love them, but still. It's. A. Lot. 

Stand On Your Head

Have you ever done those team-building exercises where you stand on a chair and look down or your team holds you in a handstand? The exercise is meant to get you to see things in another way. And it works! You notice things you've never noticed before. Colors, textures, crumbs, co-workers feet (maybe give that a pass). But the point is taken loud and clear. Changing how you look at the world can change how you think about the world. 

Nothing Like a Fresh Coat of Paint

I attended a Mastermind in Austin last year and one of the things that came out of it was my desire to amplify my feminine energy. Don't get me wrong, I love my glitter and countless pairs of shoes, but my dominant energy is masculine in how I approach the world. This is not a negative, but I had been feeling like softening my surroundings would help me professionally and personally.  So once COVID happened and I was forced to live in my home office space, which was cluttered and frankly had zero energy, I saw my chance. I knew that redoing the place I spent the most time would give me a completely new perspective and vibe. 

Drumroll Please 

I mean how much crap was stuffed into that old desk? I almost feel claustrophobic looking at it!

My new space, which was helpfully designed by my talented friend Pat Gericke, is airy, light and feminine. I was able to re-organize and put clutter in decorative storage boxes and toss a bunch of things I didn't need (Pandemic purge FTW!).

But the biggest change is in how I feel. The environment is so open and calm that I find myself both soothed and stimulated. And it truly feels like MY office, not just a desk with my stuff.  Not everyone can or should redecorate, but my ask to you is — how can you change your perspective this week and moving forward? I'd love to hear about it and of course, I'd love to help. 

A Fresh Perspective on Photography

One of the amazing and talented people that took my previous two workshops is Evi Abeler. She's a NYC-based food photographer that realized she needed to hone and shift her message during the pandemic. Together, we spruced up her website copy to sound more like her and to honor her German farm-raised heritage. 

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